High-school classmates we were
Not-that-good-friends though
Memories are still blur
Anything apart from grades we hardly know.

Did not notice when we became Facebook friends
Time passed by and met in Chennai
That too after a decade
From then there was no good-bye.

Everything one did makes the other smile
Every moment spent together was worthwhile
Meeting after 10 years was a fate
Falling in love was beyond control and great.

He seems to be the Pooh
Who is acknowledged to have a clever idea
Also, curious about how to brew
And very fond of food.

I am like the Piglet
Pooh’s closest friend
Who tries to be brave but sometimes fret
And often takes risk even when afraid.

He is lazy
And I am is cartoonish
Together we are crazy
And buffoonish.

Time arrived for our willing hands to hold
And we took the wedding oath
To abide by until we are old
For our long and healthy growth.

Our infinite affection
Will keep us together
Our perpetual connection
No doubt will last forever!



Have you ever experienced
That magnetic attraction?
When with no exact reason
You conceal your emotion.
Whether they are good or bad
Similar or dissimilar
You feel glad
To catch only the glimpse of other.
They seem to be an epitome of perfection
And you wish to express your affection
As you see in them your own reflection
And perceive a deep hidden connection.


Seems as if it was yesterday
Watching videos of the trip
Collecting memories today
Smiling while taking a sip.

What an evening it was!
Full of laughter and jokes
That too without a pause
With a group of awesome folks.

Never underestimate the healing powers
Of listening to music on full blast
For hours and hours
While dancing around and drinking fast.

Then tuned to the song “Manali Trance
Among the smoke and share;
Which triggered a hypnotic dance
Dance like a dancing bear.

Higher thoughts,
Higher energies,
Higher vibrations,
Higher frequencies.

Forgot problems and rolled it
No drugs, just set plants on fire
And ignited passion’s kit
To deeply respire.

It became a story for the next day
But they were legends that night;
It’s okay to be wild for a while
And greet everyone with a smile;
As good times and crazy friends
Create amazing memories for lifetime.

Once again, when put the music on
I entered a world of my own;
Seems as if it was yesterday
Watching videos of the trip today!

Fantasy or Reality?

Holding a glass, enjoying the ambience
There she sat looking different in appearance;
Numerous inhale and hold then exhale and smile
She was in another world after a while.
Joking with friends and speaking with guests
Though drooping were eyes, she did not wish to rest;
Watching around and feeling nostalgic
Not sure whether she felt romantic or alcoholic.
Ah! When that man did come
Who was listening keenly to beats on the drum;
The smile he wore, the calmness on his face
She muttered, “Might be new to this place”.
The decent way his eyes looked, the simple style he conveyed
Staring at him she was getting swayed;
She always had this fantasy to date a stranger
Then she approached him without thinking of any danger.
They talked they laughed
Leisurely they held hands and touched;
So engrossed in talks that time passed from dark till dawn
She prayed if that phase could hold on.
His sensational touch and his perfume erotic
Those made her feel very hypnotic;
Closer they went oblivious of their first meet
And nothing was heard except their heartbeat.
But he was tender in making her realize
That she wore an engagement ring and broke that paradise;
He was in search of true love but she was not
And there she was caught.
Still he confirmed what she wanted
Rather making him daunted;
Neither she had anything to intend
Nor wanted to offend.
As False Love she did not want to pretend
She just smiled till the end;
Picking another glass when she turned towards him
He had disappeared and that place went dim.
She understood that nothing lasted forever
As we need fantasy to survive the reality moreover!

P.S – If u can’t get someone out of your head then maybe they are supposed to be there 😉
It’s not a question of one should or should not do; there are few things in life you just do.

Be HELPFUL than to be HURTFUL…

Whether you are medium height ,short or tall,

try always to be helpful and never hurt at all.

Be it a little more kindness everyday,

to all those you come in contact with everyday.

Remember we have so much to spare,

so that we may have someone to share…

Well, the poem seems incomplete..

So, you are welcome to add more lines to it !!

(5th may,09 while preparin power tronix)… Confused… yeah i m!!

Abt ma aim??… leav dse studies related topics!

Ammmm, abt…

Whether I … can i… do i… is dis… y shud I think abt all dis crap.. bt den too … wil it b… shall i.. really… GAWD puhlezz help…

I don wanna think bt ma mind goes dre

I don wanna gt involvd bt m nt hre

M I confused

Or ma mind gt fused

Is dis an attraction

Or just an illusion

Gawd plz help me

I’ll b grateful to thee

So many decisions

I know I cant make

So much criticism

I just cant take

I jus cant undrstnd it

I donno wat 2 do

Whose dre in ma heart

Is dre ne suggestion mart??

Wre confusion r solved

N in d mind nothing more z revolved

In d mind of mine

Is it sum love wine!!

M nt lukin 4 sum1

I jus wish it wud end

I feel it’s a battle

I’ll definitely win.