A Sudden Plan

Recently, I came across a post on Instagram regarding the Adventurer Blog Contest organized by Bikat Adventures and thought of giving it a try. Bikat Adventures is a learning based adventure group that offers experience in Trekking, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking etc. Check their site for upcoming events.

It had been a very long time since I shared any travel experience after Adi-Kailash Trip. So here it goes –

One day, one of my friends pinged me on WhatsApp saying that she has not travelled for last few months and desperately needs one trip. I replied, asking her to suggest some places after which I would plan the travel. Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie and many more places were discussed. At last, we both agreed for Triund trekking in next 3 days. It is near Mcloedgunj in Himachal Pradesh. As travelling in group is more fun, I asked a few friends and cousins to join. So, the final count turned to 5 members for the trip.

As planned, we left for the bus station in Delhi on Friday night but our bus was 2 hours late. Hoping, the driver would cover this and reach Mcloedgunj on time, we happily took our seats and chit-chatted. We reached Mcloedgunj on Saturday morning by 8am. We freshened up and after having breakfast, reached the starting point of the trek and followed the trail to reach our destination. We saw few people had hired a horse/pony to enjoy the ride and reach the top. Most of them had kids along them. Otherwise, it is best to hike all the way.

The initial path towards Triund…

The trek is full of rocky steps, stony path and tiring curves. We came across the best views of mountains and forests. We also relaxed in between the trek under the shade of trees and at refreshment shops that offered water and snacks. And you know the joy of eating a bowl of Maggi in hilly areas. The ambience was very calm and fresh. We also saw small streams throughout the trek.

Oldest Chai Shop as it claimed since 1984!

On the way, while 2 friends were a bit behind rest of us, I thought of waiting for them and sat under a tree which was on the valley side. As 2 thick branches were at the back of me, I loosened my backpack. Then, assuming that the bag was resting on the branches, to relax my shoulder muscles, I literally took my hands off the straps and pheww… My bag rolled down the not-so-slant valley. I told my friends what happened. On hearing my situation, one of the local person asked me in which direction did it fall and whether it was light or heavy. I guess he was a lead of some travel group. As soon as I told him, without wasting a time, he went down jumping. We watched him as far as our eyes could and then he was not visible. We were discussing whether he is safe or not and whether he could find it or not. My friends were scolding me for my foolishness. And he appeared with my BAG… yeyyyee…!! He told that it had got stuck on some tree downwards. Thank god for that tree and big thanks to that unknown person who helped me. Who says without a motive, people don’t help these days. Selfless and helpful people still exist. After spending few minutes on this incident, we continued our trekking witnessing the flora and fauna of that area.

This is where I sat and my bag rolled… behind me.. down the valley..


Dense forest with different variety of trees and plants.

We walked for an hour or two more. At last, we could view the grassy meadows and breathed a sigh of relief but there was still a kilometer to reach. Enchanted with the scenery, we just sat on a big rock for some time. We got up and felt that we were struggling more to complete that last one kilometer.

Relaxing though just a kilometer away and enjoying the beauty!

Finally, stepped into Triund by late noon after 4 hours of our start. These 4 hours included many breaks for pictures and actual breaks and of course that bag thing. Though it was a bit crowded due to its peak season, the panorama was amazing. We decided to explore more towards its other end adding a few more miles to our trekking. Triund is surrounded by astounding mountain ranges and appealing valleys.

We hiked more from those huts seen at the left side to find less crowded area.

After a while, found a place with less crowd and put our bags in tents. Enjoyed our evening by roaming around with a cup of tea watching the beautiful hues of sunset and inhaling THE FRESH AIR which we normally don’t in cities. I realized that fresh air makes us happier.

Waiting for Maggi.. and getting some warmth!
Isn’t it a picture perfect?? Everything is so beautiful around us.
Ideal place to meditate… 😉

While moving towards our tent, it started drizzling and in those few minutes only, a rainbow appeared too. It’s truly said that some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. We saw the beauty of the whole region from the top. It was a treat to our eyes. What a relaxation it was!

Got blurred…
Towards the other end of Triund, found this small temple.

I must say that night camping at Triund top is one of the best experiences even better than the day. There was cold breeze flowing during dinner time. The aroma of food wafted on the breeze and we savored every morsel of our food. Everyone was enjoying the night, singing, dancing, drinking and having a gala time with their dear ones. Sitting and gossiping beneath the starry sky, we admired the beautiful night.

I slept like a baby in the cozy sleeping bag and woke up to a fascinating sunrise. Asked my friends to wake up to view the morning beauty of Triund. We had experienced the shades of sunset followed by a night with billions of stars and then it was time for the warmth of sunrise.

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!

After having hot yummy breakfast and clicking few more pictures, it was time to retrace our path back to Mcloedgunj and it was easier on the way back.

Triund trekking is relatively an easy trek, a beautiful walk and climb through forests. I believe, the trek is not too exhausting even for the first timers. It was one of the memorable treks I had and enjoyed every bend of its trail.

We came back to Delhi, mesmerized with a great feeling despite of tiring journey.

Hum Paanch…..

Contest entry for The Adventurer Blog Contest May 2018 by Bikat Adventures“.




High-school classmates we were
Not-that-good-friends though
Memories are still blur
Anything apart from grades we hardly know.

Did not notice when we became Facebook friends
Time passed by and met in Chennai
That too after a decade
From then there was no good-bye.

Everything one did makes the other smile
Every moment spent together was worthwhile
Meeting after 10 years was a fate
Falling in love was beyond control and great.

He seems to be the Pooh
Who is acknowledged to have a clever idea
Also, curious about how to brew
And very fond of food.

I am like the Piglet
Pooh’s closest friend
Who tries to be brave but sometimes fret
And often takes risk even when afraid.

He is lazy
And I am is cartoonish
Together we are crazy
And buffoonish.

Time arrived for our willing hands to hold
And we took the wedding oath
To abide by until we are old
For our long and healthy growth.

Our infinite affection
Will keep us together
Our perpetual connection
No doubt will last forever!

A Girl At The Bus Stop

She was waiting at a bus stop. Might be for a bus or someone else. A peaceful smile upon her face made her look more pretty with a square spectacles and a book on her hands. Few puppies were playing on one side and there was a coconut vendor on the other end. Concentrating on her book, she did not pay any heed to the surroundings. She seem to enjoy her own world in the corner of the bus stop.

Weather turned windy and dark clouds arrived, signaling a heavy rain. She started arranging her curly hair that flew in every direction. Held her beautiful knee-length blue dress with small flowery prints, she got disturbed and closed her book. Puppies were enjoying the weather and running to and fro. No sooner it started drizzling than vehicles slowed down their pace and traffic grew. That view was not clear to me anymore. In between the moving vehicles, her glance could be seen.

Suddenly, one of the puppies fell on the road from the bus stop which was at a higher platform. She lurched forward and a screeching sound of brakes was heard.

What was next? I could not view the other side of the road. My heart was pounding. Traffic increased and my view from balcony became blurred with heavy rain pelting down.

After a while, neither she nor puppies were there anymore. What would have happened after that?

2 kids

One day I was travelling from Pune to Mumbai via a bus. I was very excited about my impending trip and started to daydream. No sooner did I put my headphones for listening to the music than experienced a hard jerk. All the passengers got perturbed by this sudden bump in middle of the highway. After enquiring we got to know that the rear tyre of the bus was punctured. As there was no way that the tyre could have been repaired at that moment and location, conductor told that we need to take a lift from another bus. Listening to this, all of us got frantic with worry.

After waiting for a while, conductor made one bus to stop but it was a non-ac bus in pathetic condition. We were fine with it as reaching the destination on time was more essential. All passengers grabbed their seats quickly. When I entered the bus there were hardly any vacant seats. I stood next to a seat for support with my backpack. There was a girl around 10 years of age sitting with her little brother not more than 6 years old. Both wore filthy clothes. I did not find their parents or any elder person with them. After the bus started, the bus conductor came and scolded those 2 unkempt kids to get up. He then asked me to sit on that seat. This action of conductor really irked me. Looking at my disappointed expression, he said, “it’s okay madam, they will get down at nearby stop”. I asked the girl to shift a bit and asked the little boy to sit on my lap. He refused to sit and went next to the conductor’s seat. The girl gave a big sheer smile for letting her to have seat and started to talk. She asked where I was going and also that she liked my muffler. I answered her and asked the same question to her as I was curious to know where they were travelling alone.

Shocked I got when I heard
That they were returning from some work
Why still children are labored
Why such an offence in lurk?
Ashamed of such practice in the country
As harmful it is for their development
Lack of education and full of poverty
Where is the government and for what are they meant?

I was quiet and lost in thoughts. After sometime, the little girl poked me and said bye with an innocent smile as her stop had arrived. I forgot to ask her name and bid her adieu. I wished to talk to her more.

Each year on 12 June, the World Day brings people from around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers. The child labour law has banned employment of children below 14 years old. Those people must be punished who allow and force child labour to make as well as save money. Also the parents who send their children for work instead of educating and nurturing them. There are a lot of NGOs that definitely make us proud. They are doing a great job with great care.

Though people have become alert and today’s generation are trying to avoid such ill-practices to continue yet thousands of children are still slaved and maltreated. This custom can be brought to an end only when everyone thinks the same way and throw such practice out of our society.


I have been so busy last few months. It was hard to stop and think if I’m feeling something. People might have known it or might have even seen it in my eyes, mannerisms, tone of voice or my statuses. I have a lot to tell also and at the same time I’m afraid to share as well. Leaving all this I just wanted to add a post in my blog so as to divert my mind.

So today I would share a chapter picked up from my dark blue, fabric covered journal. I opened the journal and it was dated 11th June 2010. It was my last day at college. While leaving, all my friends came to see me off. We were very sad. The journey of four years was completed. We clicked hundreds of pictures from my cam in different poses. Bidding them adieu, I left. During the journey, I watched the pictures several times and felt as happy as ever. Those pictures gleefully reminded me of all good and naughty things done on the last hour of the last day. Next morning I reached home but I was sad thinking of leaving the college life. I was sitting watching movie when I remembered my friends. Excitedly I opened my cam and noticed horror of horrors that my entire data had somehow been deleted. Hundreds of pictures taken over the course of an hour had simply vanished. Poof… gone… Bye-bye… How could this be? I had hardly touched it after coming home.

I tried not to regard the empty cam as an indication of my utter carelessness. I did not know what to do when I was faced with such an enormous data loss. I opened and closed and opened and closed the cam more than 10 times to make sure if the pictures were really gone. It was! In the midst of opening and closing the cam, I remembered my brother asking me, “should I delete the last picture that I randomly clicked.” To which I had answered, “No, I’ll delete it later”.  Immediately I called him and asked about the pictures. He said he clicked “delete all” instead of “delete one”. I scolded him very hard and had no idea as what to do. My mind was racing. I thought of all friends I would not be able to reach the same place and occasion. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I called my friends to tell them what happened. I was consoled by all but could not stop my tears. Without the last day’s pictures, I felt something is complete. My day stopped functioning. And no, to answer your question, I had not backed up my data. But thanks for asking.

I thought of any restore function which is actually miracle of miracles that could actually happen. But all in vain. In between all this I got to the thinking, what if we had a restore function for our lives? Think of the possibilities… Fat is too high? Restore… Embarrassed of you at yesterday’s act? Restore…  Liked your haircut better before? Restore…  Want your friend back with whom you broke-up? Restore… Possibilities are endless. I could have definitely used a restore function. I guess I liked the idea of restoring but in reality not possible. Then I decided to continue with the forward momentum of my life and hoped that I could get a restore function for cam and get the deleted pictures.

Connecting with myself and reflecting on the past four years has taught me that we’re not frozen in time like mosquitoes in amber. And life progresses whether we stop to obsess about it or not.

P.S. – I did not get the deleted pictures but the last day’s memories are still fresh in my mind.

Decision – Part 2

John had to make a decision. He loved them both but he chose Jane because he wanted a wife who is not into any job. Anna was independent and would not take orders from anyone and John required a slave like devotion. But he could not shut down his feelings or even tell Anna to her face, so he said nothing. Both of them knew no matter how much they loved each other, they were not going to last. He was with her to make love only and ignored any talks related to their future together. One hour they were love and the next hour she didn’t hear from him again. He won’t even take her calls. He won’t reply to her messages. It confused her. He said he did not ignore but he did not even care. Whenever he did not answer, she fought and cried and after she had gone, he would think about her for a long time. She made him feel desirable. He wanted to forget about her. He could not stop thinking of her cute face. But she was changed. That sweet cheerful girl turned into a sad stressful lady. Their relationship didn’t bring them together but pulled them apart and broke into pieces. Anna also wished to forget it like a beautiful dream and move on. If only she could! But it was too hard for her to do that. She could not deny thinking of him. She thought of him every time… after waking, before sleeping, while working and eating… She laughed till her body shook thinking of what she had done to herself and tears used to stream down her cheeks. She only asked if it mattered to him.

One day, John said he never made commitment to her so there is nothing such as cheating her and hence any reason to cry. There was so much to say on that statement of John but in that moment she could not think of a single word. Is commitment the only proof of your care and love??? Anna broke completely. She was numb. She knew old her will never come back. It’s not that she had no feelings for him; it’s more that she had no feelings anymore.  She didn’t know of what she wanted to feel anymore. She wanted peace. There was no reason to be angry. But love? No she could not love again not after John. In another life, she could have loved him. But that chance had passed, blown away like a feather in the wind. She knew she would never go back.

They simply stopped meeting as before and made themselves busy in their work. They never discussed. It just ended. After a year, she got engaged. When John found it, he was upset. John married to Jane. Exactly one month after John tied the knot with Jane, Anna married.

John sent her flowers. And he did so for every special occasion of her…

P.S. – There are things that have to be done and you do them and you never talk about them. You don’t try to justify them. They can’t be justified. You just do them. Then you forget it.


Decision – Part 1

October 2000, John went to an advertisement company as his first job. With the induction of all new joiners, John found the first batch mate, a girl who could match him in looks and attitude. Her name was Anna. Both were 22 years old. They were dressed like young professionals, she in white shirt and A-line skirt and he in shirt and trouser. They met every day in the training room. There was a method in his madness. She just wished she knew what it was. She was also no less than a walking ball of energy, joie de vivre! Actually they were an electrifying pair in every assignment they were provided. Outside training room, John would find an even higher voltage connection with her. By the end of the training, both were prepared to work for bigger projects and also became good friends.

Their conservative appearance hid the fact that both shared a devil within. They were quiet, polite and careful. But Anna knew what was going to happen once they got to know each other. John did too. They both felt a current that went straight through them. Anna was a combination of beauty and talent for John. They realized the relationship would be serious. The minute they looked into each other’s eyes they clicked… One day, John asked if Anna was single. Learning she was, John picked up the phone and asked,” How about going out?” It was a New Year party 2001… In her black dress and eager virginity, she was so radiant as to be almost beautiful. Both partied a lot.

Anna had something wonderfully unspoiled about her. She had a quality that he never had and wanted badly. Something so precious that he had almost given up believing that it existed – innocence! Slowly their late night talks revealed a shared love of music and parties. Soon they were wheeling through roads on bike. Both were very happy together. But it was the worst possible time for John to fall in love. Only few months earlier he had proposed his childhood friend Jane. But neither John nor his kittenish friend Anna could deny what was happening. They were like kids laughing and having fun. They spent a lot of time together. They tried everything. She never had a man who touched her body in secret places with such respectful love like he did. Sometimes they disappeared from work. Lunch together. It was a force they could not control. They likely talked marriage. She used to tell him everything and there was no reason not to tell him, it was just a habit. Anna was in love with John. She knew he had little affairs all the time. She did not know if they would marry and John wanted a woman who understands that things like this might happen. The same way he always had and time kept rolling.

Many a times, she said it must never happen again. But those two were so nauseatingly in love. They made promises of better life, white collar jobs etc etc…