My Creation # 2 – Tile Painting

My Creation # 2 - Tile Painting

During my school days, I was very fond of tile painting. I used to create different styles and gift my friends. I have also decorated my room with few. Here is one of my creations.



My creation #1 – Offering to GOD


While going through my old creations, I came across this one that I sketched 12 years ago. Those were the days when I used to sit and sketch day long. But now-a-days busy schedule does not allow me to do the same. I do not even remember when I last picked up a pencil for shading…

Here, the woman is offering flowers to the GOD. She belongs to the Indian Epic era. Well, the position of women in the Epic and Vedic Era is very hard to explain. Women played an important role but they were also subjected to restrictions. In some ways it appears that their situation deteriorated severely and on the other hand it also seems that this was the period in the history of the religion that women have gained the most power. But one thing is obvious, that these ages saw the most glorious days for women in the Hindu religion.

CALLIGRAPHY… the thing i luv doin!

Senior – tell your hobbies.

Me – Ma’am it’s Sketching,solving sudoku n calligraphy.

Senior – Calligraphy??what is it about? where u use it?

Me – Calligraphy is the art of making beautiful handwriting. I use them in cards, magazine,posters, at times decorating my room etc.


Most of the people are not familiar with this word- CALLIGRAPHY. Well, i also don’t know a lot about it but whatever i know i would like to share.

In greek,” kallos” means beauty n “graph” means writing. It’s a fine art of skilled penmanship. Before the invention of the printing press some 500 years ago, it was the way books were made. Each copy was handwritten out. The hand writing was done with quill and ink onto materials like parchment(made 4m sheep/goat skin). Calligraphy z an art dat jus abt any1 can do. All u need is a pen and a paper, and you’re ready to do calligraphy! Indeed it requires very few materials – u dont need very much space n since u can probably write anyway, you already know the basics!  It’s a form in wic patience n attention 2 detail r more important than artistic talent. Dat means u don’t hv to be an “artist” to be good at calligraphy! It’s one of the most enjoyable skills dat a person can acquire. In short,calligraphy z really FUN! There are many types of calligraphy like arabic,roman,chinese etc but i haven’t learnt all of dem. V can also use different kinds of pen n pencils wic r really very beautiful.

So am trying to learn the different styles of writing n also 2 hv a gud collection of calligraphy pens. Btw my bday is abt 2 cum…so readers might have understood… what kind gift…. 🙂 😉