Decision – Part 1

October 2000, John went to an advertisement company as his first job. With the induction of all new joiners, John found the first batch mate, a girl who could match him in looks and attitude. Her name was Anna. Both were 22 years old. They were dressed like young professionals, she in white shirt and A-line skirt and he in shirt and trouser. They met every day in the training room. There was a method in his madness. She just wished she knew what it was. She was also no less than a walking ball of energy, joie de vivre! Actually they were an electrifying pair in every assignment they were provided. Outside training room, John would find an even higher voltage connection with her. By the end of the training, both were prepared to work for bigger projects and also became good friends.

Their conservative appearance hid the fact that both shared a devil within. They were quiet, polite and careful. But Anna knew what was going to happen once they got to know each other. John did too. They both felt a current that went straight through them. Anna was a combination of beauty and talent for John. They realized the relationship would be serious. The minute they looked into each other’s eyes they clicked… One day, John asked if Anna was single. Learning she was, John picked up the phone and asked,” How about going out?” It was a New Year party 2001… In her black dress and eager virginity, she was so radiant as to be almost beautiful. Both partied a lot.

Anna had something wonderfully unspoiled about her. She had a quality that he never had and wanted badly. Something so precious that he had almost given up believing that it existed – innocence! Slowly their late night talks revealed a shared love of music and parties. Soon they were wheeling through roads on bike. Both were very happy together. But it was the worst possible time for John to fall in love. Only few months earlier he had proposed his childhood friend Jane. But neither John nor his kittenish friend Anna could deny what was happening. They were like kids laughing and having fun. They spent a lot of time together. They tried everything. She never had a man who touched her body in secret places with such respectful love like he did. Sometimes they disappeared from work. Lunch together. It was a force they could not control. They likely talked marriage. She used to tell him everything and there was no reason not to tell him, it was just a habit. Anna was in love with John. She knew he had little affairs all the time. She did not know if they would marry and John wanted a woman who understands that things like this might happen. The same way he always had and time kept rolling.

Many a times, she said it must never happen again. But those two were so nauseatingly in love. They made promises of better life, white collar jobs etc etc…



“I thank God for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite! ”

It’s a long trek with long distances to walk every day.

It was again a long day, 3rd in a row. We continued our journey in the morning after having breakfast at Garbyang. The soil there was very powdery. I can best describe it as light brown powder with no plants but few weeds. Plan was to reach village Gunji for lunch and that was about 10kms from Garbyang.

Like dust, I guess.

While trekking we talked and listened to the stories told by the elders about the villages and the valleys. The worst experience I had was the absence of toilet rooms during the journey. For nature’s call, one had to go behind the plants and the other would guard and check if anyone passes through.

Towards a place named "SHETEE"...

We faced a road block due to construction of roads near Shetee. By taking God’s name and collecting confidence we crossed that slippery pebbly way. Then we did not see any climb further but only plain paths where we met an old man who talked to us and we sat outside a small sweets’ shop. My mother was continuously telling us not to stop by as we were about to reach village Gunji for our lunch. But we did not listen and ordered for Jalebis. And the shopkeeper cooked such delicious-crispy and mouthwatering Jalebis that my mother’s anger also turned sweet! 🙂 🙂 Yummmmy Jalebis… 😛 😛

Yummy Jalebis.. 😛

We reached village Napalchu that had lots of Palti (Kutu ata) plantation around the houses.

Village "NAPALCHU".
Mount "MANELA"... serpent shaped!

Much to our surprise we saw a lorry passing by down the hill which was carrying water containers. That gave us a positive sign that vehicles can come to the villages too as animals were the only mode of transport in that valley.

Vehicle down the hill.

There was Kuti River which we had to pass to reach village Gunji. The path was very dusty. Crossing the dusty path we reached Gunji. Finally, I met my aunt and my darling cousin at Gunji and had lunch at their home.

Village "GUNJI".
My cousin "KRISHNA". Isn't he cute! 🙂

After chit-chatting for an hour, it was time for us to undertake our further journey.  There was forest called Chanam Jaara to pass by i.e. no trekking. I felt so happy and relaxed. My mother warned us to come straight with no stoppage as we had to reach our next destination before evening. Till then as we got used to the long distances, we did not bother to walk continuously.

We saw many "JIPPUs" (Yak family) while crossing the " CHANAM JAARA" i.e. forest.

After crossing the forest of few miles, no sooner we saw the glimpses of two villages than it started drizzling. On right side was the village Nabi, our destination , our place for that night’s stay and on the left side was the village Rongkong which looked really beautiful.

As it started raining, all covered themselves! And above is the beautiful village "RONGKONG".
Village "NABI" and its' hardworking people in the farm.

We went to one of our relatives’ home at Nabi and relaxed for a while. As the sun was still not set, we decided to roam about in the village. I really enjoyed roaming around. It was quite a clean and green village. You can have a look of Nabi through the following pictures.

It's been said that these rock pieces are at the same position as they were 200 years ago inspite of rains and storms.
Apples never used to grow there but Global Warming hit that place too and apples started growing there in heavy numbers.
A house with beautiful carvings.
Saw my mother's aunt's house ; children playing ; prayer wheels beautifully embossed. With my loving mother in the last block! 🙂 🙂
Beautifully carved and brightly painted doors!
Grandmother brought woods for cooking and chewed chewing gum! Hehe.. Her teeth were still strong... 🙂
But with grief I had to say that she expired few months back due to illness. 😦
A man came for shelter as it started raining.
He was so talkative though DUMB.

Spent a cosy night after a hot dinner.

I was really excited to look what’s in store for the next day.

Are you also excited for the further journey??


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

Few time back due to a cultural ceremony, I got a chance to trek to Adi-Kailash. My mother told me that I went there when I was 3 years old. So, re-visiting Adi-Kailash after 18 years was full of excitement. Truly speaking, I enjoyed the journey more.

MT. ADI-KAILASH – popularly known as CHHOTA-KAILASH, is in Indian territory, close to the Indian-Tibetan border. Adi-Kailash is situated at an altitude of 15500 feet and is the replica of the MOUNT KAILASH.

Here, I would like to share one of the most exciting and adventurous trekking I experienced.

From LUCKNOW (Uttar Pradesh) we reached KATHGODAM (Uttarakhand) by train in the morning and took a jeep to DHARCHULA, as road is the only route to travel thereafter. Dharchula is situated on the banks of Kali River. On the other side of river, it is NEPAL.

The trekking begins and ends at TAWAGHAT which is the confluence of KALI and EAST DHAULI rivers and there is a trek of about 100 km. In this very exciting trekking region of Adi-Kailash Yatra, you will come across the mighty splendour of the Himalayan peaks, lush green valleys, the gushing KALI and KUTI rivers, thick forest, and rare variation of fruits and number of water falls. You also get a chance of understanding the social and cultural life of BHOTIA people living in the BYAS valley. Travel permit is required from the District Magistrate, PITHORAGARH.

After a night’s stay at Dharchula, we left for Tawaghat by jeep. But on the way to Tawaghat, we saw-

Landslide at CHETAL DHAR… few meters before we reached TAWAGHAT. Landslide occurred due to the drilling of machines used for building road!
We walked through the dangerous marshy path… But thank God, there was natural running water to clean the mess! 🙂
Reached GARBA DHAR and started trekking to reach the top, way to which is through the plants!
Then, at BINJUKUTE we had an awesome breakfast! 😛
Often found there… from the family of CHAMELEONS.
Miles to go before I sleep… Miles to go before I sleep!!
People tie piece of cloth and keep stones in the name of the Almighty God and pray for their save journey! These can be seen throughout the way…
Waterfall tucked between the rocks and forest.
Beautifully grown WILD MUSHROOM…
We walked courageously beside the KALI River’s roar.
Quite Quiet! 🙂
Spent a night at a small place named “MALPA”. Food was really delicious. And the total cost for fooding and lodging for 7 people was only Rs.700/-. Isn’t it Unbelievable!

Hope, you liked it and find the further posts more interesting!!

My not-so-25th POST :D

I was new to wordpress and the blog friends were few!

And it seemed like a morning dew!! 🙂 🙂

Inspired by few of my friends I decided to publish my blog consisting of my day-to-day experiences.

I entered my first post ” Happy New Year-2009″ on 1st January 2009 with lots of enthusiasm. I was kindled with joy as my blogging journey had begun. I told everyone about it and felt quite happy. Then I thought of entering one more post and after few days, when I was playing through my new blog’s dashboard and tried to move the post to the drafts, unfortunately and unknowingly I deleted my first post.  😦  I was in complete shock and for many hours I kept on clicking on different tabs searching for the first post hoping that it could have saved somewhere. But alas all in vain. 😦 😦

So, now my first post is “Know Thyself” which I posted on 5th January 2009.

And my 24th post is  “A New Year Ahead…” that I entered on 30th December 2010 which would have otherwise been my 25th POST and I must have felt much happier than having the post  “A boy I met that day” entered yesterday i.e. 23rd February 2012 as the 25th POST.

So my 25th POST is not-so-25th POST. 😛 ;):P

LOL… HeHeHe… 😀 😀

Do you have any weird .. not-so-funny but still funny thing to share??? 😉

A boy I met that day…!


That day I left for home from office early i.e. around 3PM. While traveling, several thoughts came up in my mind as what I did in office and what else I had to do at home. I was updating the to-do-list in my mind. It is one of the things I like doing. I enter daily in my post-it and when one-by-one the things to be done get complete a horizontal line is put across which gives me happiness as it indicates me about my tasks done! 🙂 🙂

Thinking all this, I reached the society where I stay and saw a boy and a girl biding adieu to each other. He moved in the direction in which I was going and we exchanged a glance. The boy looked really cute wearing blue pants and a blue tie on white shining shirt with specs on his face. 😀 He seemed brainy and had a lovely smile. 🙂 🙂 A bag was on his back and both hands were holding poly-bags. As he was walking before me I saw the zip of the bag was open.

I called him, “Excuse me, listen…” He turned back and no sooner did I utter something than he turned in front again. 😮 😮 I was surprised. I wasn’t teasing him after all if he had thought so… or Attitude! Whatever it was, and then I said,” your bag is open and things may fall off.”  Neither his hands were empty nor could he have put those poly-bags containing some delicate/eatable things down. But then too either he was trying to see if his bag was really open as if I was lying and playing game with him or was trying to close the bag without touching… Huh! 😐 Meanwhile I reached near next to him and asked if I could help him. He said, “Fine then” with one eyebrow up.  Oh, my goodness fine then?? Not paying much heed I closed the bag and he thanked me but this time with a smile. I walked further then he spoke that he was coming from a function and those poly-bags were from there only. I said okay and the talk began.

I asked,” Where do you stay?”

** Okay friends, I know he was walking with me meant that he stayed in the same society but I meant to ask the building.  😉 😛

He said, “Look that is my balcony A-block 603” and pointed the balcony with some flower-pots.

I said,”Okay nice”

He said,” And you?”

I said,” In K-block”

He said, “But I told you the flat number also!”  Quite clever!! 🙂 😉

I smiled and said,” No need. What will you do?”

He said,” I will ring the doorbell and call you to play!” 😀

I burst-out laughing and said, “Okay, its 803”

All of a sudden he said, “Okay bye I’m getting late”.

Smiling I said,” At least tell me the class in which you study”.

And he said,” 4th B”. 🙂 🙂

It was nice meeting him but he never rang the doorbell and called me for playing. 😉 😉


Have you ever met any cute stranger and exchanged cute talks?? 🙂 🙂

A New Year Ahead…

It’s pretty hard to believe that we are in the last few days of 2011. And as always, everybody is sighing and saying,” God! Can’t believe how fast this year has flown by…” Well, it’s been a comme si comme ca year. Last year’s New Year party was not so fun-filled due to some reasons and I don’t want to spoil this New Year’s party. I thought of seeking out some retired and old-world spot, far from the madding crowd, and dream away sunny week among its drowsy lanes – hidden away by the fairies, out of reach of the noisy world… 🙂

But I shall leave the past and come to the present.

Few weeks back we planned to visit Daman and Diu. Then thought why not celebrate the New Year eve there. I dialed to my friends in Mumbai and asked them to join us.  So, today evening I’m leaving for Mumbai and tomorrow morning we’ll catch train to Daman.

My post will be short today. I have to do packing also. I rather take pride myself on my packing. Packing is one of those many things that I feel I know more than any other person living. Ooops… ehehe.. 😉 😛  Actually, I like packing and re-packing. Hope we have loads of fun in Daman.

Work hard but party harder. Drink but don’t binge! Enjoy to the fullest. I wish you all a very bright and prosperous year ahead.


And why not indulge in doing something great as another year comes to a close? 😛 😉

KARTAVYA… our first step for a good cause!

… here it goes…
Three of my friends viz Akansha, Roli and Pallavi went to ISM Dhanbad for their paper presentation in 2008. After it went well, they got acquainted with the members of KARTAVYA ( an effort of college students towards educated India ). Kartavya was not an NGO then. The crux of the organisation was to educate the children living in villages near college campuses. They were successful not only in giving tutions but also in admitting them in schools.

Deeply impressed by the idea, my friends shared their view of working for it. Some more of my friends and I showed a green signal and moved on. We searched a village nearby our college and talked to the villagers. Everyone was excited for this journey of education to get start. The volunteers were Deepika, Reena, Shivani, Abhishek (Tripathi and Singh), Anupam, Raja, Anshul (thats me!) and ofcourse the above mentioned three names. The very first day seemed a bit difficult to handle but later the work was divided and it went on smoothly.

After college, we used to teach for an hour or two. I felt really good teaching those children who were learning to learn. This schedule continued for around four months only because it was followed by the semesters. Then the summer vacations of two months. This act of not continuing made me feel abysmal. But hats-off to Abhishek who continued teaching during the vacations also. As we were not working officially, we decided to do it officially but due to some or the other reason our Principal denied to be a part of that organisation. Still we started teaching . But, alas it did not continue much. Those moments are perpetual.

Either we were inept in managing or we became selfish thinking about our own future plans viz placements, PSUs etc. I still feel bad about those children whom we stopped inculcating. What they might have thought? They believed us so much. Did they continue? Did anyone went there to teach? All these questions came popping  in my mind sometimes.

When we feel regret, we re-live sadness or pique over and over again.  Thats why I allowed myself to experience these feelings fully with the intention of moving forward. I have overcome those questions, thinking that it was my first experience and I  might get another chance to help such children.

And see I got it !!

Being at Wipro Technologies, I am now a part of Wipro Cares (community initiative that helps marginalized communities) and also a volunteer for DSS i.e. Door Step School (NGO working for education of urban poor mainly at construction sites). Groups are being decided and I am asked to give my two hours that too on saturdays only. And I am sure that , that much I can spend for such a good cause. Hope for the Best.  🙂

P.S. – Friends do tell if I have forgotten to describe something else or if I have not mentioned some of the volunteers.

P.S. – Feel free to describe how you felt. 🙂