2 kids

One day I was travelling from Pune to Mumbai via a bus. I was very excited about my impending trip and started to daydream. No sooner did I put my headphones for listening to the music than experienced a hard jerk. All the passengers got perturbed by this sudden bump in middle of the highway. After enquiring we got to know that the rear tyre of the bus was punctured. As there was no way that the tyre could have been repaired at that moment and location, conductor told that we need to take a lift from another bus. Listening to this, all of us got frantic with worry.

After waiting for a while, conductor made one bus to stop but it was a non-ac bus in pathetic condition. We were fine with it as reaching the destination on time was more essential. All passengers grabbed their seats quickly. When I entered the bus there were hardly any vacant seats. I stood next to a seat for support with my backpack. There was a girl around 10 years of age sitting with her little brother not more than 6 years old. Both wore filthy clothes. I did not find their parents or any elder person with them. After the bus started, the bus conductor came and scolded those 2 unkempt kids to get up. He then asked me to sit on that seat. This action of conductor really irked me. Looking at my disappointed expression, he said, “it’s okay madam, they will get down at nearby stop”. I asked the girl to shift a bit and asked the little boy to sit on my lap. He refused to sit and went next to the conductor’s seat. The girl gave a big sheer smile for letting her to have seat and started to talk. She asked where I was going and also that she liked my muffler. I answered her and asked the same question to her as I was curious to know where they were travelling alone.

Shocked I got when I heard
That they were returning from some work
Why still children are labored
Why such an offence in lurk?
Ashamed of such practice in the country
As harmful it is for their development
Lack of education and full of poverty
Where is the government and for what are they meant?

I was quiet and lost in thoughts. After sometime, the little girl poked me and said bye with an innocent smile as her stop had arrived. I forgot to ask her name and bid her adieu. I wished to talk to her more.

Each year on 12 June, the World Day brings people from around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers. The child labour law has banned employment of children below 14 years old. Those people must be punished who allow and force child labour to make as well as save money. Also the parents who send their children for work instead of educating and nurturing them. There are a lot of NGOs that definitely make us proud. They are doing a great job with great care.

Though people have become alert and today’s generation are trying to avoid such ill-practices to continue yet thousands of children are still slaved and maltreated. This custom can be brought to an end only when everyone thinks the same way and throw such practice out of our society.


Fantasy or Reality?

Holding a glass, enjoying the ambience
There she sat looking different in appearance;
Numerous inhale and hold then exhale and smile
She was in another world after a while.
Joking with friends and speaking with guests
Though drooping were eyes, she did not wish to rest;
Watching around and feeling nostalgic
Not sure whether she felt romantic or alcoholic.
Ah! When that man did come
Who was listening keenly to beats on the drum;
The smile he wore, the calmness on his face
She muttered, “Might be new to this place”.
The decent way his eyes looked, the simple style he conveyed
Staring at him she was getting swayed;
She always had this fantasy to date a stranger
Then she approached him without thinking of any danger.
They talked they laughed
Leisurely they held hands and touched;
So engrossed in talks that time passed from dark till dawn
She prayed if that phase could hold on.
His sensational touch and his perfume erotic
Those made her feel very hypnotic;
Closer they went oblivious of their first meet
And nothing was heard except their heartbeat.
But he was tender in making her realize
That she wore an engagement ring and broke that paradise;
He was in search of true love but she was not
And there she was caught.
Still he confirmed what she wanted
Rather making him daunted;
Neither she had anything to intend
Nor wanted to offend.
As False Love she did not want to pretend
She just smiled till the end;
Picking another glass when she turned towards him
He had disappeared and that place went dim.
She understood that nothing lasted forever
As we need fantasy to survive the reality moreover!

P.S – If u can’t get someone out of your head then maybe they are supposed to be there 😉
It’s not a question of one should or should not do; there are few things in life you just do.


I have been so busy last few months. It was hard to stop and think if I’m feeling something. People might have known it or might have even seen it in my eyes, mannerisms, tone of voice or my statuses. I have a lot to tell also and at the same time I’m afraid to share as well. Leaving all this I just wanted to add a post in my blog so as to divert my mind.

So today I would share a chapter picked up from my dark blue, fabric covered journal. I opened the journal and it was dated 11th June 2010. It was my last day at college. While leaving, all my friends came to see me off. We were very sad. The journey of four years was completed. We clicked hundreds of pictures from my cam in different poses. Bidding them adieu, I left. During the journey, I watched the pictures several times and felt as happy as ever. Those pictures gleefully reminded me of all good and naughty things done on the last hour of the last day. Next morning I reached home but I was sad thinking of leaving the college life. I was sitting watching movie when I remembered my friends. Excitedly I opened my cam and noticed horror of horrors that my entire data had somehow been deleted. Hundreds of pictures taken over the course of an hour had simply vanished. Poof… gone… Bye-bye… How could this be? I had hardly touched it after coming home.

I tried not to regard the empty cam as an indication of my utter carelessness. I did not know what to do when I was faced with such an enormous data loss. I opened and closed and opened and closed the cam more than 10 times to make sure if the pictures were really gone. It was! In the midst of opening and closing the cam, I remembered my brother asking me, “should I delete the last picture that I randomly clicked.” To which I had answered, “No, I’ll delete it later”.  Immediately I called him and asked about the pictures. He said he clicked “delete all” instead of “delete one”. I scolded him very hard and had no idea as what to do. My mind was racing. I thought of all friends I would not be able to reach the same place and occasion. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I called my friends to tell them what happened. I was consoled by all but could not stop my tears. Without the last day’s pictures, I felt something is complete. My day stopped functioning. And no, to answer your question, I had not backed up my data. But thanks for asking.

I thought of any restore function which is actually miracle of miracles that could actually happen. But all in vain. In between all this I got to the thinking, what if we had a restore function for our lives? Think of the possibilities… Fat is too high? Restore… Embarrassed of you at yesterday’s act? Restore…  Liked your haircut better before? Restore…  Want your friend back with whom you broke-up? Restore… Possibilities are endless. I could have definitely used a restore function. I guess I liked the idea of restoring but in reality not possible. Then I decided to continue with the forward momentum of my life and hoped that I could get a restore function for cam and get the deleted pictures.

Connecting with myself and reflecting on the past four years has taught me that we’re not frozen in time like mosquitoes in amber. And life progresses whether we stop to obsess about it or not.

P.S. – I did not get the deleted pictures but the last day’s memories are still fresh in my mind.

A truth… A message

Rahul was the only son of his parents and was brought up by them fulfilling his every small need. He completed his graduation 2 years back. It took a lot for Rahul to finally break down and believe that his father had few months left to live though he was only 58 years old. It was a miracle that they were together for nearly 2 years since it was found that his father had Cancer but the condition started worsening since few months, and all the methods tried to cure had not been successful. It was only a year that Rahul had started with his job. He was trying his best to make arrangements for money. He wanted to work to earn more money, but he wanted to be with his father even more. His parents did not have any savings because all their hard earned money was spent on Rahul’s graduation. There was so much more he had liked to accomplish with his father while he was still with him.

Many a times his father was admitted in hospital and he used to turn fine. But this time when his father was taken to the hospital, he had a tinged feeling that it would be his last visit. All the tests, hospital visits, medicines, prescriptions made Rahul tired but all he wanted was to make his father well again. When all wandering led to the same dead end, when all the money spent in medicines and tests left his father just as hollow as ever, he was broken inside. Doctors used to say he’ll be fine as truth telling and medicine just didn’t go together except in dire emergencies. Rahul and his Mom used to talk to his father. His father did not speak but he did hear everything. Tears used to stream down his eyes. Rahul was unable to see his father’s condition.

In his last days, he was shifted to a ventilator. It went sure that it was difficult to save him. Then just a day after, his father took his last breath and left them. His father, who had suffered from Cancer, had prepared Rahul for that day. Rahul protected himself from sadness of his father’s demise so as to support his mother but to his surprise in all those years with his father, she had already prepared herself and did not drop a tear saying that his father might feel bad. Those words gave him strength to fight with that delicate moment. Most of his friends came to help in the cremation ceremony. Rahul was much delighted to see his friends in need. Well it’s true that family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are… the ones who would do anything to see you smile… and who love you no matter what…

However, he regretted one thing that he could not say “Thanks” from the core of his heart to his Best Father for doing infinite things for him, for making him a better human being, for providing him good morals and last but not the least for pouring all his love to his son. The sentiment evoked a range of emotions in Rahul. It made him feel bad. His mother always praises his father and says that he loved Rahul so much. His father loved playing instruments and singing. There was something about his father that Rahul wanted to learn, grow into and hide in where he could turn away from taking into his family responsibilities.

Here, to describe a truth has been my ceaseless effort, as it had appeared to me, and in the exact manner, in which I had arrived at it.

P.S. – I believe that God gives us our experiences so that we can help others who go through similar experiences. God certainly can’t help everyone.

Birthday Gift…

Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, promotion gifts, farewell gifts etc … I’m sure everyone loves receiving gifts. So do me.  Specially, the gifts for which we never have an idea if it could be gifted to us, make us surprisingly happy.

On my last birthday, I was gifted a cute round aquarium with four fishes (one fighter fish, one golden and two smaller fishes). I was very much delighted when my friends gifted that. I had never thought of keeping fishes. I felt really good to have them. They were so quiet and energetic. As neither my friends nor I was aware of the amount of food to be served, I put much food and left for work. When I returned back, I noticed except the fighter fish rest were lying down. I tapped the glass but none moved and tears rolled down my cheeks. I blamed myself for those small fishes and buried them in a garden that too on my birthday!! I did not know how they died… because of the extra amount of food or the temperature or any other reason! The biggest sorrow was that they did not stay with me even for a day!!

blurred memory… 😦

I was only left with a beautiful blue fighter fish. I promised myself to take more care of him. It was really a good experience to have him. He was very lively. I used to serve him daily morning before leaving for work and kept in mind not to put much food in the aquarium. I made sure that the aquarium water is changed at regular intervals and kept clean. Whenever I tapped the round bowl, he used to swim in the whole aquarium. I loved it when he used to rise and put his mouth out of water. I used to watch him eat his food. Before going to bed and after waking up I used to see if his movements are as active as always. I enjoyed having such a wonderful pet. But few months into our time together, I noticed he was not eating like he had been. He seemed weak and slow. I did not have any idea if any doctor could help my blue fish. I was worried and disappointed. I fed him frequently, and then starved him for a couple of days. Still, he remained on the bottom of the tank. The slow, tender flap of his gills was the only indication he was alive.

Then one Sunday morning I saw flakes of fish food bobbed on the water’s surface and he continued to hug the bottom of the tank. He did not rise. And I began to feel the merest hint of alarm. I tapped on the glass bowl to startle him. I removed him, emptied the water, scrubbed the bowl, refilled it with tap water, squeezed in a few drops of purifier, slid him back in…

I did all what any good friend could to save a pet would do…

But alas, he too left.

beautiful blue fighter fish


“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

After having our lunch, we packed our bags for Jolingkong. Finally, the day arrived to visit Mt. Adi-Kailash for which I waited so long.

While leaving KUTI.

It is a walk of 14 km to Jolingkong (4280Meters) from village Kuti.

Village Kuti was the last village to reach the Mt. Adi Kailash (6191 Meters).

Mt. Adi-Kailash popularly known as Chhota-Kailash, an ancient holy place and a very sacred peak is in Indian Territory, close to the Indian Tibetan border. It is an area of great natural beauty, peace and sovereignty.

Mt. Adi Kailash and Parvati Sarovar are the replica of Mount Kailash and Mansarover in Tibet.

An image resembling God Hanuman on the rocks!
An image resembling God Hanuman on the rocks! Can you see??
The initial path was a bit rocky.
The initial path was a bit rocky.
... upwards
… upwards
people of Satyuga (first era)  turned to stones..
people of Satyuga (first era) turned to stones..
variety of flowers!
variety of flowers on the way!

We were in the high Himalayas and 14km felt more like 20km, but the scenery was unbeatable. We stopped for a break and had snacks that we brought from the village. I felt really nice on relaxing on the lap of nature after trekking for few km. The flowing ice water was very clean and chilling! 🙂 🙂


No sooner we finished our snacks that the rain started. We quickly packed the things and put on the sheets and raincoats. Though it rained only for 15 min yet  a beautiful colorful rainbow appeared across the sky that is hardly seen in the busy big cities even after 24 hours rain!

beautiful rainbow after the rain.
beautiful rainbow!
All in a queue... Above is a flock of sheep and below are people!
all in a queue on their respective path… 🙂

Jolingkong  is one of the highest campsites on grassy lands and a spectacular view. At Jolingkong, we were welcomed by the snow clapped peaks all around and strong cold winds. We reached at late evening. There was a seasonal ITBP (India-Tibet Border Police) check post and rest houses. It was the Himalayan summer in the month of July, so there were long pleasant days and colder nights. We stayed there overnight at Fiber Huts. Those fiber huts were very warm, it did not seem as if there was cold outside. The dinner was damn tasty and after dinner all elders sang devotional songs of Lord Shiva! 🙂 🙂

Dinner time and Fiber huts.
Dinner time and Fiber huts.

After a sound sleep, we got up early morning and left the place for experiencing the morning sight of Mt. Adi-Kailash.

It's 6am
It’s 6am

As it rained at night also, the surroundings looked beautifully drenched. There were endless meadows full of flowers and snow covered peaks all around. I was very happy and believed myself too lucky to visit the God’s Abode!

Diamond dews...
Diamond dews on a wild plant…
Nature at its best!
Nature at its best!

We reached on the feet of Mt. Adi-Kailash soon but were not able to view it because of the morning fog. At 4600 Meters, Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal with its 1 km width is located nearby. It looked like a mirage in the high Himalayan landscape of snow peaks, glaciers and moraine.  There were water streams which seemed narrow from far but were not so when we went closer. We crossed the water streams naked feet for completing the circumference of the Lake. And believe me our feet became like ice,  insensitive and feeling less. Have a look!

the flowing water streams seemed narrow but weren't...
the flowing water streams seemed narrow but weren’t…

There is also a temple near the Lake. We also saw an animal found on those heights but seen very rarely. It’s named as “PHEA”. I was lucky to see it.

temple near the lake and an animal "Phea".
temple near the lake and an animal “Phea”.

After completing the round of the Lake, we went temple for prayer. The people have preserved their heritage assiduously. The offerings like God’s statue, metal diyas and sacred cloth were seen inside the temple. People also offered bells that were tied on the temple gate. The Parvati Taal was very quiet and calm.

Temple was built in 1972.
Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal
Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal

We finished our prayers and waited for the fog to get vanished. And after few minutes our long cherished dream fulfilled as we looked up on the magnificently crafted snow clapped peak of Mt. Adi Kailash. The view was very astonishing and breath-taking. 😀 😀

Mt. ADI-KAILASH... beautiful
The sacred Mt. ADI-KAILASH.

So, the main aim of the trekking was achieved. Then, we descended slowly relaxing on the carpet of leaves back to the village Kuti.

relaxing on carpet of leaves.
relaxing on carpet of leaves.
a log bridge to cross to reach the other side!
a log bridge to cross to reach the other side!

Next day we left village Kuti. We retraced our path back to Dharchula and its more relaxed and easier on the way back, even with longer distances, trust me. It took only 2 days to return unlike 3 and a half days while going. We came back  satisfied and mesmerized with a divine feeling despite tiring journey. 🙂

I hope the readers remember that during the Adi-Kailash Yatra, we came across the mighty splendor of the snow peaks of Himalayas, the gushing Kali river, thick Forest, rare variation of flora-fauna and number of waterfalls.

 Hope you liked this trip and its related posts!

It’s a long challenging trek, yes; worth it, YES YES…!! 😀

Would you like to visit??