Birthday Gift…

Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, promotion gifts, farewell gifts etc … I’m sure everyone loves receiving gifts. So do me.  Specially, the gifts for which we never have an idea if it could be gifted to us, make us surprisingly happy.

On my last birthday, I was gifted a cute round aquarium with four fishes (one fighter fish, one golden and two smaller fishes). I was very much delighted when my friends gifted that. I had never thought of keeping fishes. I felt really good to have them. They were so quiet and energetic. As neither my friends nor I was aware of the amount of food to be served, I put much food and left for work. When I returned back, I noticed except the fighter fish rest were lying down. I tapped the glass but none moved and tears rolled down my cheeks. I blamed myself for those small fishes and buried them in a garden that too on my birthday!! I did not know how they died… because of the extra amount of food or the temperature or any other reason! The biggest sorrow was that they did not stay with me even for a day!!

blurred memory… 😦

I was only left with a beautiful blue fighter fish. I promised myself to take more care of him. It was really a good experience to have him. He was very lively. I used to serve him daily morning before leaving for work and kept in mind not to put much food in the aquarium. I made sure that the aquarium water is changed at regular intervals and kept clean. Whenever I tapped the round bowl, he used to swim in the whole aquarium. I loved it when he used to rise and put his mouth out of water. I used to watch him eat his food. Before going to bed and after waking up I used to see if his movements are as active as always. I enjoyed having such a wonderful pet. But few months into our time together, I noticed he was not eating like he had been. He seemed weak and slow. I did not have any idea if any doctor could help my blue fish. I was worried and disappointed. I fed him frequently, and then starved him for a couple of days. Still, he remained on the bottom of the tank. The slow, tender flap of his gills was the only indication he was alive.

Then one Sunday morning I saw flakes of fish food bobbed on the water’s surface and he continued to hug the bottom of the tank. He did not rise. And I began to feel the merest hint of alarm. I tapped on the glass bowl to startle him. I removed him, emptied the water, scrubbed the bowl, refilled it with tap water, squeezed in a few drops of purifier, slid him back in…

I did all what any good friend could to save a pet would do…

But alas, he too left.

beautiful blue fighter fish

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Anshul Rautela

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