“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

After having our lunch, we packed our bags for Jolingkong. Finally, the day arrived to visit Mt. Adi-Kailash for which I waited so long.

While leaving KUTI.

It is a walk of 14 km to Jolingkong (4280Meters) from village Kuti.

Village Kuti was the last village to reach the Mt. Adi Kailash (6191 Meters).

Mt. Adi-Kailash popularly known as Chhota-Kailash, an ancient holy place and a very sacred peak is in Indian Territory, close to the Indian Tibetan border. It is an area of great natural beauty, peace and sovereignty.

Mt. Adi Kailash and Parvati Sarovar are the replica of Mount Kailash and Mansarover in Tibet.

An image resembling God Hanuman on the rocks!
An image resembling God Hanuman on the rocks! Can you see??
The initial path was a bit rocky.
The initial path was a bit rocky.
... upwards
… upwards
people of Satyuga (first era)  turned to stones..
people of Satyuga (first era) turned to stones..
variety of flowers!
variety of flowers on the way!

We were in the high Himalayas and 14km felt more like 20km, but the scenery was unbeatable. We stopped for a break and had snacks that we brought from the village. I felt really nice on relaxing on the lap of nature after trekking for few km. The flowing ice water was very clean and chilling! 🙂 🙂


No sooner we finished our snacks that the rain started. We quickly packed the things and put on the sheets and raincoats. Though it rained only for 15 min yet  a beautiful colorful rainbow appeared across the sky that is hardly seen in the busy big cities even after 24 hours rain!

beautiful rainbow after the rain.
beautiful rainbow!
All in a queue... Above is a flock of sheep and below are people!
all in a queue on their respective path… 🙂

Jolingkong  is one of the highest campsites on grassy lands and a spectacular view. At Jolingkong, we were welcomed by the snow clapped peaks all around and strong cold winds. We reached at late evening. There was a seasonal ITBP (India-Tibet Border Police) check post and rest houses. It was the Himalayan summer in the month of July, so there were long pleasant days and colder nights. We stayed there overnight at Fiber Huts. Those fiber huts were very warm, it did not seem as if there was cold outside. The dinner was damn tasty and after dinner all elders sang devotional songs of Lord Shiva! 🙂 🙂

Dinner time and Fiber huts.
Dinner time and Fiber huts.

After a sound sleep, we got up early morning and left the place for experiencing the morning sight of Mt. Adi-Kailash.

It's 6am
It’s 6am

As it rained at night also, the surroundings looked beautifully drenched. There were endless meadows full of flowers and snow covered peaks all around. I was very happy and believed myself too lucky to visit the God’s Abode!

Diamond dews...
Diamond dews on a wild plant…
Nature at its best!
Nature at its best!

We reached on the feet of Mt. Adi-Kailash soon but were not able to view it because of the morning fog. At 4600 Meters, Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal with its 1 km width is located nearby. It looked like a mirage in the high Himalayan landscape of snow peaks, glaciers and moraine.  There were water streams which seemed narrow from far but were not so when we went closer. We crossed the water streams naked feet for completing the circumference of the Lake. And believe me our feet became like ice,  insensitive and feeling less. Have a look!

the flowing water streams seemed narrow but weren't...
the flowing water streams seemed narrow but weren’t…

There is also a temple near the Lake. We also saw an animal found on those heights but seen very rarely. It’s named as “PHEA”. I was lucky to see it.

temple near the lake and an animal "Phea".
temple near the lake and an animal “Phea”.

After completing the round of the Lake, we went temple for prayer. The people have preserved their heritage assiduously. The offerings like God’s statue, metal diyas and sacred cloth were seen inside the temple. People also offered bells that were tied on the temple gate. The Parvati Taal was very quiet and calm.

Temple was built in 1972.
Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal
Parvati Lake or Parvati Taal

We finished our prayers and waited for the fog to get vanished. And after few minutes our long cherished dream fulfilled as we looked up on the magnificently crafted snow clapped peak of Mt. Adi Kailash. The view was very astonishing and breath-taking. 😀 😀

Mt. ADI-KAILASH... beautiful
The sacred Mt. ADI-KAILASH.

So, the main aim of the trekking was achieved. Then, we descended slowly relaxing on the carpet of leaves back to the village Kuti.

relaxing on carpet of leaves.
relaxing on carpet of leaves.
a log bridge to cross to reach the other side!
a log bridge to cross to reach the other side!

Next day we left village Kuti. We retraced our path back to Dharchula and its more relaxed and easier on the way back, even with longer distances, trust me. It took only 2 days to return unlike 3 and a half days while going. We came back  satisfied and mesmerized with a divine feeling despite tiring journey. 🙂

I hope the readers remember that during the Adi-Kailash Yatra, we came across the mighty splendor of the snow peaks of Himalayas, the gushing Kali river, thick Forest, rare variation of flora-fauna and number of waterfalls.

 Hope you liked this trip and its related posts!

It’s a long challenging trek, yes; worth it, YES YES…!! 😀

Would you like to visit??



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Anshul Rautela

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I’m a girl who is not-so-simple, believes in moving with the times and don’t believe in living a bland life. Takes life easy and enjoy me-time. Creative by birth, Traveller by mood and IT professional by chance. I like to share my experiences and so I blog. I love laughing, making friends and clicking pictures. Keep Visiting... :) :)

40 thoughts on “MT. ADI-KAILASH : DAY 6 and Day 7… “JOLINGKONG””

  1. Anchul, U r as awesome a photographer as a writer !!!!!!! Frankly speaking, love ur pics and compositions………….. Wish I had something to read or see everyday 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words Bashob! 🙂 aha… even i would love to take pictures and write everyday but unable to manage! 😛

  2. Oh boy this is amazing!!! I love the picture of the rainbow.. What exactly do you do? Why are you always on an adventure with nature?! Whatever you are doing.. I love it!!! I hope we get to bump into each other while hiking somewhere down the road!! (Seriously, I would love to go to these places. Any advice? You can always email me *wink*)

    1. Thanks Viviene…
      This trip is 2 years old and I wanted to share it with all. After that I got into a job so hardly get time for a trip so looong! 🙂 I’m looking into another opportunity to get so close to Nature… Sure sure… Don’t forget to inform whenever you plan to visit India. 😀 well, just for information , in 2014 there is going to be a huge festival to be celebrated in Village Kuti… 😉 🙂

      1. i want to know how many days it will take from kathgodam statn.we have group and planing to visit in july and august,but due to long time it seems difficult,how’s trek,plz cnfrm me days

  3. hi anshul thanxs for these most beutiful pics i wish one day i could go there but for nw ur pics n whole story discripton feels me like that all was going live thanks for this precous trp

  4. Hi! Excited very much to read the trek details. However, I want to know if I can start in May (2013) first week to Adi Kailash, is it possible to go there? What we have to carry with us for this journey (i.e have we to carry tents along with us or can we get accommodation in some houses on the way?) I wanted further details on this trek please. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Mukund,
      Firstly thanks a lot for visiting and showing your interest… 🙂 And apologies for replying late.
      Yes, May to September are good months to visit there. You would definitely get accommodation in the villages on the way. From October to February, you could hardly find any people there and the ways are also covered with snow. Well, just for information , in 2014 (around July or August) there is going to be a huge festival to be celebrated in Village Kuti… It would be really a great opportunity to travel during that period. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance you may further need! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. thanx for the upload this type of information ( images ) i wanna also search adi kailash yatra information.

    osm images

    avinash dhiman ( himanchal pradesh )

    1. Hi Avinash,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      hope you enjoyed the posts from Day1 of Adi Kailash trekking.

  6. Hi,
    Well i am planing to do adi-kailash trek in the month of august. Can you please help me how many days it will take to complete it. I go trekking regularly so i am not sure how many days leaves i need to complete this trek,
    Please share any information that helps me to trek this.
    Thank you

      1. Dear Anshula,
        Thanks for sharing an enthralling experience in demosthenic way. I read out your entire journey in a single breadth. It’s awesome. I love mountains especially Kumaun which is adjacent to my native place. When I was young, I was so crazy about the stories on the mysterious Himalayan valleys where people used to get salvation. I would like to share one incident when I was studying Japanese in Japan embassy, Delhi and used to see many Japanese mountaineers who would visit embassy due to their personal errands. One day I insinuated my best friend to find out some mysterious valley in Himalaya. He agreed on the proposal and he told me that we will go there to offer invocation “Tapasya” . Salad age filled with sheer courage, we left Delhi without letting anybody at home about our real intentions and reached to Anand Vihar bus station. We counted money, I had just 600 rupees and my friend had 720. Total 1320 rupees was our asset. I had one sweater, 2 shirts, 2 paints some inner-wear and one pairs of sandals in foot. The extra thing what my friend was carrying that 5 lighters and 1torch (5 lighters were basically the modern chakmak patthar (MAGNESIUM FLINT FIRE STARTER) which is used by the wanderers and mountaineers. We did not even know how to use those ones). We both were so ignorant about our destination that we spend half day asking people “Bhaiya, hame esi jagah jana he jahan garmi me bhi baraf padti ho”. One kind person told us that go to munsyari. We followed the same. We reached Munsyari and stayed inside the dilapidated school building. One night was enough us to understand the value of money. Due to cold, we could not sleep and started our journey around 4:30 in the morning towards the Milam glacier along with the Gauri Ganga. Munsyari to Milam trail distance was 54 km, within two hours we crossed LILAM village (15 km) which was a pure downfall. No shop was opened in the morning and we just drink water and continued our march past, we took tea with biscuits when we reached BOG UDIYAR. It was around 10:30 a.m according to my diary and by this time we would have covered 27 km in 6 hours. Stretch from BOG UDIYAR to RILKOT was of 12 km. we hit there by 2.30 P.m. our legs were soiled with blood due to the number of leeches were clinging on us. We were panting like a dog. 39 km was covered with the help of tea biscuits and water which was there in abundance free of cost. ITBP fellow served us food when they came to know how arduous task we finished. They investigated us thoroughly, our bags were checked. When they satisfied that we are just an incorrigible adventurer then they informed Milam post about us. We were tired but we wanted to see glacier or touch the snow at any cost. They allow us to move on up to MARTOLI village and instructed to stay at night over there. From RILKOT to MARTOLI the stretch was very dangerous. Abrupt steep path was endless and wind was getting colder and colder. We reached MARTOLI around 5:30 p.m. We tried to be over smart decided not to stay in MARTOLI, we thought that if we continue our speed then we can hit the MILAM village soon. But within 5 minutes we were on a bridge, having unimaginable torrential rivulet. The moment we tried to step on the bridge, we understood what blunder we had done. I have not seen nor would I see that kind of monster torrential rivulet in my life. It was screaming as if there were hundreds of boing 747 have started their engines, I cannot describe the wind velocity on the bridge. Definitely, if we could have tried to cross that time then we would have been blown away into Gauri Ganga. We started crying because going back to MARTOLI which was just one km away from that bridge was not the easy task, we had to climb again. But somehow we did it. Next day we saw Milam glacier. We stayed there for a week with the blessing of Indian army and ITBP. They ensured that we don’t have to spend our money until munsyari. We safely reached home. Next year we both enrolled in NIM for professional mountaineering. We covered almost every part of Indian Himalayan belt ranging from Leh to Arunachal but never ever get a chance to visit Darma and byans valley and Lipu Lake Pass. On the other side, we had to settle our carrier we both got chance to stay in japan for many years. Now I have returned back and working in Japanese company in Kolkata and my friend is settled in Japan. Every day we talk using whatsapp call facility about kumaun experience we had. Today I shared your article with him and he promised me that he will go with me again someday to the unseen areas of kumaun.
        I am thankful to you to sensitize my innersole towards the majestic Himalaya which I had forgotten under the social burden. Your words are true that “Great things are done when Men & Mountains meet. This is not Done by Jostling in the Street”
        God Bless you always.
        Pankaj Sharma

        1. Hello Pankaj,
          Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
          Also for sharing your superb journey to Munsyari and ahead. I felt really nice reading your story. Hope you along with your friend visit to the majestic Himalayas soon!

          Anshul Rautela

  7. thanks for this awesome blog dear, last year December 2015 i went to a small village dangti near askot for my friend’s marriage ceremony and had a wonderful time there the barat followed some breath taking routes near munsiyari i hope this year i will plan my journey to adi kailash and narayan swami ashram your blog will really help me in my endeavor

    1. Hi Biswajeet,
      Thank you! Great to know that you have already explored a part of Uttarakhand.
      All the best for your trip. Hope you enjoy the surrounding.


      1. not only explored frankly speaking i had a wonderful roomie who introduced me to his village of pokhariya’s his family and what a warm and kind welcome i got as if it is my own home. the food, the warm water of naula, the dance all seems to bring back life from dull monotony of plains i wish to come once every year.

        1. Hi Bishwajeet,
          Nice that you liked the culture and ambience. Keep visiting and don’t forget to share! =)


          1. Thanks anshul,,that relieve me from headache for hiring guide,,ya we will carry all needful frm id card to tent with us…& will u please tell me one thing that how many days we can cover it means from darchula to darchula.

          2. Hi,
            Well, as you have read my posts, we took 3 days to reach village Kuti and few more hours to reach Mt. Adi Kailash. It depends on how you trek, whether you take more breaks or not, your stay in any village etc… At least one week is required.


  8. I willing to plan visit Adi kailash in august 2015. Cac I do it with out guide or KMVN authority . I visited already Srikhand Kailash ,Kinnour Kailash & Manimahesh Kailash..with my friends with out any guide…so please reply me if it is possible.

    1. Hi,
      Yes, you could go without a guide. However, you would require help from local people regarding the path to proceed further. Your Identity card and a permission is required from DM of district Pithogarh which is checked while you go near to Adi kailash check posts. Hope it helped you.


  9. Hey anshul
    Beautiful pics, I guess u being a kuti resident don’t need an ILP. I guess otherwise one requires an ILP, any idea how to get it?

    1. Hi Anand,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog.
      Well, after Garbyang village, ID is required. Before that no checking is done. ID could be provided from District Pithoragarh or might be once you reach Dharchula.

      Keep Visiting. Thanks.

  10. Anshul after reading your all the post of this beautiful trek , I have a question or may say query here . In your last leg of this trek you were stay at the feet of Mt.Adi Kailash in fibre huts of ITBP , these huts are available for all ? pre booking is necessary ? How much they charge for a night ?

    1. Hi, Apologies I’m unable to recall. However, once you reach village Kuti, you could get in contact with ITBP there and plan accordingly.

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  12. Hi all, Informed very well from your post. I have a question for starting my journey to this holly place. If I go there by my self , is there any guide contact no. for help me to take permission and guide me to Adi Koilas.
    thanks in advance.

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