“I thank God for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite! ”

It’s a long trek with long distances to walk every day.

It was again a long day, 3rd in a row. We continued our journey in the morning after having breakfast at Garbyang. The soil there was very powdery. I can best describe it as light brown powder with no plants but few weeds. Plan was to reach village Gunji for lunch and that was about 10kms from Garbyang.

Like dust, I guess.

While trekking we talked and listened to the stories told by the elders about the villages and the valleys. The worst experience I had was the absence of toilet rooms during the journey. For nature’s call, one had to go behind the plants and the other would guard and check if anyone passes through.

Towards a place named "SHETEE"...

We faced a road block due to construction of roads near Shetee. By taking God’s name and collecting confidence we crossed that slippery pebbly way. Then we did not see any climb further but only plain paths where we met an old man who talked to us and we sat outside a small sweets’ shop. My mother was continuously telling us not to stop by as we were about to reach village Gunji for our lunch. But we did not listen and ordered for Jalebis. And the shopkeeper cooked such delicious-crispy and mouthwatering Jalebis that my mother’s anger also turned sweet! 🙂 🙂 Yummmmy Jalebis… 😛 😛

Yummy Jalebis.. 😛

We reached village Napalchu that had lots of Palti (Kutu ata) plantation around the houses.

Village "NAPALCHU".
Mount "MANELA"... serpent shaped!

Much to our surprise we saw a lorry passing by down the hill which was carrying water containers. That gave us a positive sign that vehicles can come to the villages too as animals were the only mode of transport in that valley.

Vehicle down the hill.

There was Kuti River which we had to pass to reach village Gunji. The path was very dusty. Crossing the dusty path we reached Gunji. Finally, I met my aunt and my darling cousin at Gunji and had lunch at their home.

Village "GUNJI".
My cousin "KRISHNA". Isn't he cute! 🙂

After chit-chatting for an hour, it was time for us to undertake our further journey.  There was forest called Chanam Jaara to pass by i.e. no trekking. I felt so happy and relaxed. My mother warned us to come straight with no stoppage as we had to reach our next destination before evening. Till then as we got used to the long distances, we did not bother to walk continuously.

We saw many "JIPPUs" (Yak family) while crossing the " CHANAM JAARA" i.e. forest.

After crossing the forest of few miles, no sooner we saw the glimpses of two villages than it started drizzling. On right side was the village Nabi, our destination , our place for that night’s stay and on the left side was the village Rongkong which looked really beautiful.

As it started raining, all covered themselves! And above is the beautiful village "RONGKONG".
Village "NABI" and its' hardworking people in the farm.

We went to one of our relatives’ home at Nabi and relaxed for a while. As the sun was still not set, we decided to roam about in the village. I really enjoyed roaming around. It was quite a clean and green village. You can have a look of Nabi through the following pictures.

It's been said that these rock pieces are at the same position as they were 200 years ago inspite of rains and storms.
Apples never used to grow there but Global Warming hit that place too and apples started growing there in heavy numbers.
A house with beautiful carvings.
Saw my mother's aunt's house ; children playing ; prayer wheels beautifully embossed. With my loving mother in the last block! 🙂 🙂
Beautifully carved and brightly painted doors!
Grandmother brought woods for cooking and chewed chewing gum! Hehe.. Her teeth were still strong... 🙂
But with grief I had to say that she expired few months back due to illness. 😦
A man came for shelter as it started raining.
He was so talkative though DUMB.

Spent a cosy night after a hot dinner.

I was really excited to look what’s in store for the next day.

Are you also excited for the further journey??


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11 thoughts on “MT. ADI-KAILASH : DAY 3”

  1. This is the most beautiful experience that I have had in the entire day (whole day spent in front of SAP Screen 😦 )……… Thanks Anchul………. Love ur photography……… Best pic — That of Jalebis…. Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Nice to know that my post gave you some happiness after your hectic work… 🙂 🙂

  2. I must say this is a very beautiful travelogue, I have been to garbyang only once and never beyond, and now after seeing all these pictures feel like making a trip soon. good work.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind tokens of your appreciation. 🙂 🙂 And Kute Gulach is in 2014, so I guess a great time to visit once again! what say?? After all it comes after a long span of 12 years! 😛 😉

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