“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

Few time back due to a cultural ceremony, I got a chance to trek to Adi-Kailash. My mother told me that I went there when I was 3 years old. So, re-visiting Adi-Kailash after 18 years was full of excitement. Truly speaking, I enjoyed the journey more.

MT. ADI-KAILASH – popularly known as CHHOTA-KAILASH, is in Indian territory, close to the Indian-Tibetan border. Adi-Kailash is situated at an altitude of 15500 feet and is the replica of the MOUNT KAILASH.

Here, I would like to share one of the most exciting and adventurous trekking I experienced.

From LUCKNOW (Uttar Pradesh) we reached KATHGODAM (Uttarakhand) by train in the morning and took a jeep to DHARCHULA, as road is the only route to travel thereafter. Dharchula is situated on the banks of Kali River. On the other side of river, it is NEPAL.

The trekking begins and ends at TAWAGHAT which is the confluence of KALI and EAST DHAULI rivers and there is a trek of about 100 km. In this very exciting trekking region of Adi-Kailash Yatra, you will come across the mighty splendour of the Himalayan peaks, lush green valleys, the gushing KALI and KUTI rivers, thick forest, and rare variation of fruits and number of water falls. You also get a chance of understanding the social and cultural life of BHOTIA people living in the BYAS valley. Travel permit is required from the District Magistrate, PITHORAGARH.

After a night’s stay at Dharchula, we left for Tawaghat by jeep. But on the way to Tawaghat, we saw-

Landslide at CHETAL DHAR… few meters before we reached TAWAGHAT. Landslide occurred due to the drilling of machines used for building road!
We walked through the dangerous marshy path… But thank God, there was natural running water to clean the mess! 🙂
Reached GARBA DHAR and started trekking to reach the top, way to which is through the plants!
Then, at BINJUKUTE we had an awesome breakfast! 😛
Often found there… from the family of CHAMELEONS.
Miles to go before I sleep… Miles to go before I sleep!!
People tie piece of cloth and keep stones in the name of the Almighty God and pray for their save journey! These can be seen throughout the way…
Waterfall tucked between the rocks and forest.
Beautifully grown WILD MUSHROOM…
We walked courageously beside the KALI River’s roar.
Quite Quiet! 🙂
Spent a night at a small place named “MALPA”. Food was really delicious. And the total cost for fooding and lodging for 7 people was only Rs.700/-. Isn’t it Unbelievable!

Hope, you liked it and find the further posts more interesting!!


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Anshul Rautela

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I’m a girl who is not-so-simple, believes in moving with the times and don’t believe in living a bland life. Takes life easy and enjoy me-time. Creative by birth, Traveller by mood and IT professional by chance. I like to share my experiences and so I blog. I love laughing, making friends and clicking pictures. Keep Visiting... :) :)

4 thoughts on “MT. ADI-KAILASH : DAY 1”

  1. i liked the pixes nd the way they r captured ……………liked the whole journey story. i wish i were njoy this journey smtime………..keep it up. i m waiting for ur next adventures………….

    1. Thanks a lot Avinash for your encouraging words! 🙂
      You too can enjoy this Yatra and the place is in Uttrakhand only where you live these days.

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