Ooops, “Jaana Tha JAPAAN Pahuch gaye CHEEN ! ” – Part 1

It’s envisaged that going home will be full of excitement and I was away from home since 6 months. So, I planned to go home during HOLI festival in March for which I did the reservation in January only. 🙂

The plan was as follows –

12th March was Aryan’s birthday. So, one day stay in Mumbai to celebrate his birthday then over to Delhi on 13th March 2011.

Meeting friends in Delhi and then on the train to Lucknow the same late night. That is I would reach Lucknow on 14th March. He was also travelling with me all the way to Lucknow.

Since 2 months I was on cloud nine and felt a glow of happiness because of the above awesome plan. 😀 😀

But something does not ruin my plan that has never happened… Readers must be well aware of this by going through the previous posts. 😛

And the same happened…

On 10th March, Aryan called me with a more heavy sad voice. He was undergoing his MBA course, so his surprise test and the dead date for the assignments were announced for the same duration during which he was leaving. All the plans of travelling together shattered. He was quite upset and so was I. Visiting Mumbai on his birthday was decided as planned with a difference that he won’t accompany till Lucknow. 😦 😦

Thinking that the rest of the plan would remain the same, I starting packing my bag. But there was some more surprise in store for me.

On 11th March, when I went office, I received a mail regarding an urgent requirement in a Project. I was filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was happy on getting the project and on the other I doubted if I had to join from Monday i.e. 14th March.  And my doubt was correct. After meeting the Team Lead, I got to know that there was a week’s training. Piling up all my confidence I asked fearlessly if that training can be postponed for a week. Reply for that was a big NO. Neither he was forcing me to join nor asking me to go on leave. He simply said that he won’t be losing anything but I would definitely lose an opportunity. His words compelled me to think and I sank in dilemma.

Till Mumbai, I had no problem as I was going during the weekend. But I was confused regarding Monday whether to go home or join office. I had 12 hours to decide. I talked to my friends, colleagues and Project Manager also. I got votes for both sides. Then I told Aryan about the hurdle as he had to cancel the tickets also. I asked him to wait till 7PM but I took time till 8PM. I kept my feet on the ground and finally decided to leave for home. As I was dying to go my home, I took work as secondary. 😛

I was again happy on my decision and called Aryan for not canceling the tickets.

And then he replied , “ BUT I CANCELED THE TICKETS”…     @ # $ % * BIG BANG BOOOM… # $ % & *

Then what I did???

Wait for the next part…

P.S. – Managers and Team Leads are great in playing with the words.

P.S. – The reply from Aryan made me as angry in the negative quadrant as I was happy in the positive one.


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Anshul Rautela

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