… here it goes…
Three of my friends viz Akansha, Roli and Pallavi went to ISM Dhanbad for their paper presentation in 2008. After it went well, they got acquainted with the members of KARTAVYA ( an effort of college students towards educated India ). Kartavya was not an NGO then. The crux of the organisation was to educate the children living in villages near college campuses. They were successful not only in giving tutions but also in admitting them in schools.

Deeply impressed by the idea, my friends shared their view of working for it. Some more of my friends and I showed a green signal and moved on. We searched a village nearby our college and talked to the villagers. Everyone was excited for this journey of education to get start. The volunteers were Deepika, Reena, Shivani, Abhishek (Tripathi and Singh), Anupam, Raja, Anshul (thats me!) and ofcourse the above mentioned three names. The very first day seemed a bit difficult to handle but later the work was divided and it went on smoothly.

After college, we used to teach for an hour or two. I felt really good teaching those children who were learning to learn. This schedule continued for around four months only because it was followed by the semesters. Then the summer vacations of two months. This act of not continuing made me feel abysmal. But hats-off to Abhishek who continued teaching during the vacations also. As we were not working officially, we decided to do it officially but due to some or the other reason our Principal denied to be a part of that organisation. Still we started teaching . But, alas it did not continue much. Those moments are perpetual.

Either we were inept in managing or we became selfish thinking about our own future plans viz placements, PSUs etc. I still feel bad about those children whom we stopped inculcating. What they might have thought? They believed us so much. Did they continue? Did anyone went there to teach? All these questions came popping  in my mind sometimes.

When we feel regret, we re-live sadness or pique over and over again.  Thats why I allowed myself to experience these feelings fully with the intention of moving forward. I have overcome those questions, thinking that it was my first experience and I  might get another chance to help such children.

And see I got it !!

Being at Wipro Technologies, I am now a part of Wipro Cares (community initiative that helps marginalized communities) and also a volunteer for DSS i.e. Door Step School (NGO working for education of urban poor mainly at construction sites). Groups are being decided and I am asked to give my two hours that too on saturdays only. And I am sure that , that much I can spend for such a good cause. Hope for the Best.  🙂

P.S. – Friends do tell if I have forgotten to describe something else or if I have not mentioned some of the volunteers.

P.S. – Feel free to describe how you felt. 🙂