Journey of two months…

After my graduation was completed, I had decided to start with something new so as to lessen my boredom. But no sooner did I start, my joining letter came for my first job. I had to be in Bengaluru within 10 days. The next few days were filled with frenzied activity. These were spent in completing all sort of formalities and buying important things. I was about to leave my home and had still not found a new one.  I was all set but not ready to go… 😐

Its very lively at the arrival and equally sad at the departure terminal. My father came to see me off. It was 5 minutes to train and time to bid adieu. I had a reservation in 2nd.  AC.  An old couple was in front berths, a  policeman from Bihar, only 4-5 people more and rest of the coach was empty… that’s why I don’t like traveling in AC… 😦

Talked to the couple… talked on phone.. read novel… covered 1000 odd kilometers from Lucknow in 24 hrs. Day 1 passed. The rest of the journey was uneventful. I talked for sometime, then slept, then woke up and talked and then slept again. 2nd day seemed quite boring. Missed my parents and friends very much. Next morning finished one more journey of my life.

I was at Yeshwantpur  Junction in Bengaluru on 22nd Sept 2010. I had the address of  PG from my seniors and settled within a day. I am very grateful for their help and support. Got nice roommates again.. Anupama, an MBA student and Archana, a B.Tech student.

My room was on the fourth floor with a terrace but no lift. The view from the terrace was awesome. One could see greenery all around and the best thing was that there was no pollution neither air nor noise. I was alone though I never felt lonely. I was actually enjoying. The landlords were good and cooked nice food. But as they did not know how to make roti, they used to make chappatis (rotis with oil). All days had different menu. I think tomato was very cheap there because there was tomato rice, tomato sambhar, tomato chatni, tomato rasam and even tomato raita. Sunday menu used to be special.

The Headquarters were very nice. I saw ladies with all sorts of suits and saris with gajras (flower garland) on their hair. During the lunch break, we were given a South Indian thali which looked really beautiful with 5 different items and a sweet-dish. I took the first taste in my watering mouth, then second, then third and at last found all tasted the same!! Sambhar, daal, vegetable all looked different but had same taste. Then I understood “Welcome to South India” and the evergreen coconut oil. After lunch, I got to know that the training was starting after 3 days. Next day went out with my friend Sonal and roamed in the city.  Enjoyed a lot with her. 😀

The training was in EAS (SAP) domain. I was excited to learn the new technology. Beginning was quite good in the Corporate World. Trainees were divided into 2 batches of 42 each. Made new friends and life @Work became smoother…. Gauthami and Priyanka were Tamilians with whom I used to spend my lunch time. They were very polite. I also tried to learn kannada and tamil but did not succeed much.

It was the Diwali time and for the first time I was away from my family. I bought few candles, a sweet box and one pack of crackers. I decorated my room and visited the nearby temple. That was the first day when I did not like Bengaluru. There was no lighting on the houses, not even a single candle in sight but only the sound of crackers were heard. I missed my home and the street where the whole area used to be bright. Anyhow I passed my time with my roommate and went downstairs hoping to find special dinner. Alas! There was nothing special but the as usual menu except the sweet dish. Sadly that tasted too weird as it was made up of pulses. My mood got ruined. Then went to Monginis and had yummy pastries instead. So, that was my not-so-good Diwali in Bengaluru.

Training was going good and weekends were better. After every five days of training, I used to eagerly wait for the weekends. I visited many places. Visited Iskcon temple, Botanical Garden, UB City, Malls, ISRO, BHEL…  and it was nice meeting another friend Pallavi after college. Iskcon temple was very quiet. It was very neat and clean. No offerings were allowed to the God. It was exactly a place where one expected an atmosphere of peace and meditation. Bengaluru is a great city with good people and awesome weather. The rain is unpredictable. I always adored the drizzling while returning from office. The suffocation of buildings is fortunately missing in this city. Yes, it is a Garden City with at least a garden in almost every lane you turn. I started loving that city. I was ‘living’ life rather than just existing. By the end of the training, Smita and Swati became my good buddies. We used to study together, laugh out loud and tease each other.  🙂 🙂 There were many other people with whom I had a good time.

Then test took place and we were again divided into different groups and my friends got posting location. Smita got Pune , Swati got Hyderabad and I got Bengaluru. Felt sad!! I’ll never forget Smita’s saying “Kamino” that sounded really sweet n Swati’s “Cute Expressions” that brought smiles to our frowned faces…

It was a lazy afternoon, we were sitting in the stairs enjoying  hot cup of coffee and discussing anything and everything that people discuss on lazy UN-happening afternoon before leaving. All our plans of partying and roaming in Bengaluru turned into rubble. All this reminded me of the college farewell and once again friends went far…  Said goodbye and started to move away when suddenly looked into their eyes. They were warm and filled with tears. ;(

AND Pearl ( our training center), EC-2 , Bengaluru….. I’ll always remember these fondly for giving me such beautiful memories of my training days… memories which became inspiration to write… memories that are worth remembering… just wanna re-live dose days once more!!

On 22nd November 2010 –  completed two months in Bengaluru!

After 15 days, I’ll get my posting location till then with more new friends… 🙂


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