… DilLi…. I mean DELL Hi…

Visiting DELHI was planned but I was in a dilemma as whether to go or not… because there, I had no exam, no work but only had to meet friend. Such a insane!! Finally, decided to go. 🙂

Train left Lucknow at 1am n don’t know why got up at 6am. For several minutes, I sat completely motionless, aside from my breathing n blinking, I observed the movement around me as complete outsider to the scene. Read newspaper , brushed my teeth, listened to d songs… actually was passing the time. Reached Delhi at 11pm, spent some time with my friends at CP ( Connaught place) then visited my cousins at Lajpat Nagar and took rest.

Didn’t want to bother my cousins so went out alone in evening and met two of my friends. Did shopping, then eating and talking at McD. 🙂 🙂  It was 7:30pm and we decided to go to the Select CITYWALK, really beautiful and an ultimate destination. So hired an auto and then DilLi-di-Traffic. Gawwd… a headache. we reached there at 9pm. Got late as I had to go back alone but as we reached there we decided to roam for few minutes and then an auto to LN(Lajpat Nagar). I found that the transport system is too costly there.. 😐  I noticed everyone around was speaking English, even young children. The driver was complaining to himself that no one speaks proper Hindi anymore. That’s d Delhi fashion, just a tendency that has developed in the rapidly westernizing metropolis of  Delhi. You can get anything and everything… Cappuccino, Frappaccino, Swiss choc.. u just name it. And in malls, u wont believe you’re actually still in India because they’re so westernized.

Thinking all dis, reached Lajpat Nagar at 10pm. Took a breath of relief… but what was that… the way to home?? I got confused …as there isn’t only one  LN  but 1,2,3,4… Asked people around, some didn’t answer and other didn’t know. Wow… D Delhites! 😦  I phoned my cousin then got to know I was standing on the other side of the highway… Us autowali ki to.. I told him d address also. Now had to cross d highway n that DilLi-di-traffic again… Neither a sub-way was seen nor a rickshaw.. how tired I was feeling.. 😦  but had to go by hook or by crook n then had to walk a lot… thinking will I be able to manage alone? Is it safe in this crazy capital?

Finally, saw my cousin and went home… Day 1 ended.

Next day, read magazine ,went cyber cafe, watched TV… Left for the Citywalk again with my cousins at 2pm. But Delhi doesn’t include only malls n cafes… it also includes dusty roads with pits and cables (that CWG preparation!!… yeah )..you cant make out whether pits are on roads or roads on pits. Everyone is busy in one’s own world. No matter what others say or do… anyways , then we went to SN ( Sarojini Nagar) for shopping but it wasn’t so smooth as sounds, on the way it rained heavily and auto also stopped working…   Tried the phone numbers of my friends but no network because they all were carrying the great BSNL. 😦 Didn’t meet even a single friend. But the time passed… it was 5pm. No sooner did I reach home, than I packed my bag and went CP to meet my friend,Komal. Thank God she wasn’t a BSNL user. But the balance in my mobile went zero… roaming dear roaming…  did not remember I was in roaming… was all time dialing no.s!!

Met and spent a good time with her at CCD. We were at Barakhamba metro station  and she asked me to wait downstairs for my friend who was returning with me. It was 8pm so had to bid her adieu. At station too, I tried the BSNL no.s but each time I dial the no., I would get the coin back… this was the time when getting a coin was not good!  Even the policemen there enquired me because it was around an hour since I was waiting there. My train had its departure at 9:30pm. At last, my friend managed to reach at 9pm fighting the dilLi-di-traffic. He enjoyed pulling my legs as my mood was not good. Somehow reached Old Delhi station n caught train just a min before its departure. It started raining again and Delhi was left behind. Wanted to reach my  “hOMe”  which sounds like the sacred OM , asap.

Really, we can’t all live out our fantasies. These two days could have been real fun but… this experience was… what to say… just..OOOSUM… ehehe. 🙂 An eyeopening experience.

My friends enjoyed listening my DilLi Trip.

Its best to trust in one’s own experience rather than anyone’s else.  🙂


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Anshul Rautela

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I’m a girl who is not-so-simple, believes in moving with the times and don’t believe in living a bland life. Takes life easy and enjoy me-time. Creative by birth, Traveller by mood and IT professional by chance. I like to share my experiences and so I blog. I love laughing, making friends and clicking pictures. Keep Visiting... :) :)

3 thoughts on “… DilLi…. I mean DELL Hi…”

  1. Hey, I am a regular reader of your blog. I have got a request, please update your blog as regularly as possible.

    CRAZY420 😉

  2. I was also leaving with u .. I missed my train & I was standing alone in Old Delhi station.. by den it started raining also .. Also i gt injured in a minor accident in metro.. 😦 .. itna badi TRAGEDY hui mere sath, kaun explain karega miss..??

  3. … oh, but you wre’nt sure of leaving with me! Yours goin ws d last tym decision as far as i knw… isnt it?? Neithr i came to know regardg ur accidnt nor u told. N post me tumhe b include karti to its length wud hv been double Mr!! ;P

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