Abt ma aim??… leav dse studies related topics!

Ammmm, abt…

Whether I … can i… do i… is dis… y shud I think abt all dis crap.. bt den too … wil it b… shall i.. really… GAWD puhlezz help…

I don wanna think bt ma mind goes dre

I don wanna gt involvd bt m nt hre

M I confused

Or ma mind gt fused

Is dis an attraction

Or just an illusion

Gawd plz help me

I’ll b grateful to thee

So many decisions

I know I cant make

So much criticism

I just cant take

I jus cant undrstnd it

I donno wat 2 do

Whose dre in ma heart

Is dre ne suggestion mart??

Wre confusion r solved

N in d mind nothing more z revolved

In d mind of mine

Is it sum love wine!!

M nt lukin 4 sum1

I jus wish it wud end

I feel it’s a battle

I’ll definitely win.