CAT wid a mouse…!

Hw bout chasing d CAT(Common Admission Test) wid a mouse?? Its all set to go online. Many r enthused abt it bt also warn of d demerits. D IIMs r goin in 4 d online test to handle d increasin no. of applicants. One thing z sure – CAT wil no longer b a 1-dy affair. According to reports, d onln tests cn b taken over 15 dyz or more. Wen xmz r spread over dyz, several ques. papers wid d same level of difficulty hv 2 b set. Sum bliev dat onln formats cant guarantee dis.

Many point out d demerits. One of d serious concerns z security. Onlin format z thot 2 b safe bt it cn b hacked. Snapping of d net connection, power failure n a hanging computer can hamper a candidate’s performance. Dse may nt b major issues bt cn upset d mental framework of even a well-prepared student. Wat abt building up d huge physical infrastructure needed to seat students in centres across d country??  And den, hw computer savvy r d candidates, especially dose cumin 4m rural areas?? Hw wil 1 read d passages in d readin cmprehnsion ques. in verbal ability section?? Den, much depends on d ease wid wic 1 cn handle d mouse. Anothr major issue wil b rise in d test fee. …Wid best wishes!


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