unknown known…

New colg, new year, new mobile , new no.s n new frndz… al seem 2 b too xcitin!  Sum gt irritate by seein any call by an UNKNOWN no. bt ma grp used to gt much xcitd… Weneva v wre  in a masti kinda mood, dose UNKNOWN calls used to abet us n v wud jus set d mobile on loudspeakr n dn al dose faltoo ki talks wid d UNKNOWNS. Dey sounded so affable –  “wanna b ur frnd”- koi jaan na pahchaan bas frnship-IDIOTS,  n if v askd their name – “arey naam m kya h frndship kr ligiye” – HELL MAN , “apki awaz bahut achchi, m ur fan”- chahe phati hui awaz kyu na ho – LIARS… n blah blah blah…  If v wanted, v receivd d call oderwise not! In a month or two, v also got blase N decided nt to talk to any UNKNOWN!!!

Aftr our cultfest, d no. of UNKNOWN numbers increased… ( i hd abt 18 UNKNOWN no.s. ). our 2nd sem wre approachin 4m 17th of may n  since 10th , a reliance no. ws disturbin me a lot. 1 dy receivd dt call n scolded him lyk nethin bt dat shameless guy strtd dose fndshpwala thing n all.

Finally our sem gt over bt durin d whole month got dt UNKNOWN’s misd calls timely!!  It ws d 1st week of june, while v wre packin n plannin 4 our vactnz , his call came. I receivd his call – donno y n nt even scolded him. I thot “kar lete h baat kya bigad jayega”. He told abt himself , his family n all.  At dt tym he wrkd as a grp leader in Eureka Forbes n … ohkk wont bore u further by tellin al d crap. yeah i also told abt ma studies n all. Al dis ws nt in jus 1 call, i talkd to him for 3 dyz. My vactns started. 1 dy dt UNKNOWN called again n ma mausi  told him dat ma no. z being chngd. He continued to call for a few dyz more bt aftr dat he dint.

N dat ws not at all THE END ….

aftr d vactns,in august dt UNKNOWN… ohkk no more UNKNOWN – Mr. J called again. He reminded me n i refused to talk to him. He called again n again. N i talkd to him aftr a month wen he called. Thot “kisi aur UNKNOWN se nhi baat karungi.” Den v continued talkin. It ws  May,2007 den n nw itz gonna May, 2009, n still v talk, share our happy- sad moments. V hvnt meet yet n i don want too… seriously speaking. I told about him to my frnd, SONAL dis january only. N nw m tellin dis to u all ki i hv an UNKNOWN  KNOWN  ..… whoz caring , undrstanding , helping n a FRIEND


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