weneva v plan or go 4 a movi…

v wre in class 12th… 4 us it ws an year for takin board xmz n odr entrnc xmz too. In our school, v hd a lot n lot of XTRA  CLASSES(kinda atrocity of d teachers).1 dy v dint attnd d xtra class n d same dy  an announcmnt  ws made regrdin TOI providin free movi tickts to all d NIE(newsppr in eductn by TOI in schools) membrs. In dis, students hd d membership in wic dey used to gt d daily newsppr at d rate less then d actual rate. N dose membrs wre shwn movi once a year- dis ws one ov d biggest advntg ov being a membr. V  wre also d membrs 4 d same. Oh… 4gt to tell who v…! V wre 6 gals in a grp means abi b hai — Aditi(adi), Sonal(shona), Swati(T-party), Uzma(uzu), Ruchi(luchchi) n Anshul(su)-dats me!!Lemme tel u further, Ruchi’z mom ws a teachr in our school only… so …  she actd as a source of informatn 4 us. In evenin Ruchi told us… n v gt so much elated hearin dat news! D movi ws DUS(ab dont mak faces… tckts wre free na!! koi b movi chalegi…) Bt v dint hv d tickets.. den socha “kaun check hi krta h sab school studnts hi honge” – wid dis thought v decided to leav our abodes at 7 am d very nxt day so as to reach PRATIBHA(cinema hall in lko) in tym at 8 o’clk. Uzu hd to go to hsptal wid hr mom so she dint join us. B4 sleepin i askd ma mom to woke me up at 6am sharp!!

1st –

I gt up widot ne alarm n first of al saw d tym… n wat d hell?? it ws 7am… i ws cursin ma mom 4 nt wakin me up!…., aftr dat evrythin in hustle-bustle… brush,bath,bag bt no brkfast . Hurriedly went to sonalz hme … thnkd god dat she ws ready, bt she ws more happy ki i cam late coz she too woke up late! Nw she hd a reason to tell odrs ki v came late coz of me… Nw v met Swati. V went to munshi pulia(1 of d hottest plc in lko) where Aditi n Ruchi wre waitin 4m 7am… as soon as dey saw us dey started berating us- it ws their right yaar….aftr al d tym ws above 7:30am.


V catchd d bus n askd conductr to stop near GPO. Aftr sum tym i askd, “wic place z dis?”. Ruchi told dat may b d driver hd opt sum odr route. N aftr a while v al shoutd 2gther… guess y ?? v reachd CHARBAGH(lko junction)!!!  Aditi shoutd at cnductr 4 nt stoppin d bus where v askd him. Odr passengrs strtd laughin n dat insane conductr too. Bt d fault ws ours also, aftr all v wre so busy in chattin!


V hired an auto … v wre 5 so i sat beside d drivr. Finally reachd d hall at 8:30am. Went near it n felt sumthin strange as no crowd ws seen and  d tickt countr ws also closed. Wateva, v askd a watchman regardin d movi shown by d TOI. n he said,”acha wo movi, wo to 10 baje se hai”. Naaoow our condition ws lyk neither v laughed nor cried- jus watchd each odrs dispirited face…


Nw wat,so early mrng d markt ws also closed. V jus walkd nearby places n thought of hw to paas our tym. Many ideas wre suggestd bt al in vain nt a single idea ws gud enough. At last sonal suggestd,”one ov ma frndz home z nearby, v cn go dre .” Hearin dis evry1 shoutd “pehle nhi bata pa rhi thi”. V went further n reachd her frndz hme. Sonal climbd d stairs n wen came downwrds, she  said dat her frnd lived dre no more!! ha ha ha… v hd only dis to do at dt tym.

V saw d tym , it ws around 9am. v decided to go to d hall n wait. while goin back d same auto wic v hired stopped near us n d drivr askd,”ap log tab se yhi hai.. kahi pahuchana hai??” dis irritated us a bit more. NO NO NO- kahi nhi jana!!

V reachd d hall.Dis tym v got happy as d entry ws at 9:30am. Finally, njyd d movi – “AFTER ALL D MOVI WS NT LEFT…” .

v told dis story to uzma also n she laughd jus lyk nethin!! Really a gud adventurous xprnce v hd…

Dis z nt d end .Drez  more stories to tell abt… bt abi dont hv tym – sessionals r 4m dy aftr 2mrw,so hv to study 4 gettin passin mrks!!


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Anshul Rautela

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