Know Thyself…

Knowing oneself z a blessing.Everydy u try 2 knw urself ‘coz u wanna improve ur appearance, attitude n action.U think abt urself alone n u also seek opinion 4m odrs. Knowing 1self z d 1st step 2 personal growth. Widot dis self knwledge, u cant progress in lyf. Self developmnt cant b acquired unless u undrstnd urself- ur strength, ur weakness, ur wants, ur attitude 2 lyf etc. So knwing 1self z of paramount importance, especially nw wen u r in d adolescent period.
Ur mind z preoccupied with many things at d moment: Ur further studies, ur job ,ur family lyf, ur social lyf etc.Hv u thot of dem in order of priority??Hv u also tried 2 assess urself in terms of personality, knwledge n capability. If u hv nt done so far, hre z an opportunity. Dont miss it!!


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