Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Ma You carried me in your armsand kept me close to your heartyou knew when i felt hungryeven before my cry would start. You saw me growingand taught me how to crawlmust have skipped a heartbeat toowhenever i had a little fall. You woke at dawnto cook my favorite foodand sent me to schoolwith... Continue Reading →


Empty seats... Remind us to leave some spaceRemind us of someone missingRemind us to welcome strangersRemind us that silence is full of answersRemind us to have a room for loveRemind us that being lonely is being braveRemind of that feeling when we are not sad but just feel empty....


They walked alongthe beach on sand.She swamwith him tastingthe saltinessof the cold water. On her backshe floated weightlessarms spreadsilence all around.Only the soundof tides was heard. After sometimeshe was leftwith sand in hair strandsand on her skinwith her skinturned red. She did not realisehow the weekendcame to an end.Trusting thatthey would meet againthey parted…


He said," Are you sure? Do you really want to come to Chennai? I suggest, you should not". He was JUST my high school friend with whom I was not in touch for last 10 years and had contacted him to get an idea about my new work place. . I replied,"Yes.. why not!". I... Continue Reading →


Do you believe in God??? Tricky one...!His evidence is lacking and proof of His existence cannot be attained. Since childhood I have seen my parents lighting diyas (earthen lamp) and praying every morning and evening. There is a beautiful setup of Gods that my mother has created at our home. I used to just fold my hands and... Continue Reading →


No matter how long it takesThe wait is longFor people who comeTo sit on his yakWho pays him somethingSo that he doesn't go homeWith empty pocketsAnd a hungry stomachSometimes waitingIs boringBut he still has to do itFor himself, his familyFor a livingIt takes a little patienceAnd a whole lot of faithBut it's worth a wait!!


Sitting in a corner of the roomwith your teal coffee mugI picked up that bookwhich you took away onceto spend time togetherforgetting everything else. Trying to find that chapterstruggling to recall the storywhere I had leftbut could only discovermemories with youas I flip the pages. Oh, I found that wrinkled pageon which you had rested... Continue Reading →


Touring Tuscany had made our day. We passed through many hill towns of the main Chianti area via a road that goes up and down over beautiful landscapes. We got down from bus satisfied but with tired feet and a bottle of red wine, which is produced in the Chianti region. Wines labeled Chianti Classico... Continue Reading →

Let’s SIT

Let's sit together and enjoy the presentLet's sit closer and feel the cosy breezeLet's sit for a while and watch the fog covering the hillsLet's sit silently and hear the sounds coming from invisible roadsLet's sit under the sky and sense the soft drizzles of rainLet's sit facing and fall into each other's eyesLet's sit... Continue Reading →


I still remember when I first held a camera and clicked pictures. It was my father's old camera YASHICA which I took for my school trip to a bird sanctuary. I was so excited to use it and also flaunt it. HaHa… I had clicked many pictures with my friends including pictures of the view... Continue Reading →

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