My mind is like a forest Full of colorful memories, Abundant thoughts And infinite stories. Caressed by the breeze Of love and care Against which Negativities just freeze. So deep inside That I get lost sometimes Amidst those Melodious chimes You know, when I listen It answers quietly Wandering through the trails With the rustling... Continue Reading →



Its been a while since I sat with myself and thought about how I have been doing; its been a while I rode my purple ladybird bicycle having that cute front basket; its been a while my mother has cooked for me and packed a lunchbox with my favorite food; its been a while since... Continue Reading →


No matter what happens in life, be positive and brave. Don't let darkness surround you and overpower you. We should not despair. Happiness is an inside thing and I think external things should be merely important to it. Time and people, come and go. Just be good. My mom says, always be good to people,... Continue Reading →


Time does not seem to move when I keep waiting for you beside an empty seat but I have heard people say, Time Flies! I could imagine myself sitting with you savoring our favorite drink and chit-chatting over silliest of things. My heart knows once left no one returns but my eyes keep searching for... Continue Reading →

My most COMFORTABLE look…

In today’s world, everyone is keeping pace with fashion. People want to look the best and up-to-date. From wedding to birthday to daily wear, we take hours or even days before that event to decide what to wear so that we look great. If you do not have the budget to buy designer dress, just... Continue Reading →


I feel, I am a person who tries to do everything right. Early to bed and early to rise. Prepare food and eat healthy. Regularly work out to remain fit without a cheat. All cleaning and laundry on every weekend. Read and write whenever I get some time. Do not poke my nose into other's... Continue Reading →


Take me to a place Where life is simple No doors to lock No risk of life Where it is freshness all around No sound of vehicles No crowd of people Where it’s just me No one to complain No formalities to make Where there is no worry No negativity flowing No responsibilities growing Where... Continue Reading →


I sink down for hours Amidst the magnificent garden Not paying heed to its beauty But thinking about your elegance. My heart aches to think of the day When I last saw you I still miss holding your hands While watching movies I still remember cooking Your favourite dishes But we are strangers again And... Continue Reading →

A Sudden Plan

It had been a very long time since I shared any travel experience after Adi-Kailash Trip. So here it goes - One day, one of my friends pinged me on WhatsApp saying that she has not travelled for last few months and desperately needs one trip. I replied, asking her to suggest some places after... Continue Reading →

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